Monday, May 13, 2019

Islamic/Hebrew Calendars date of 5/16 is 9/11- Pope Francis' 6th year 6th month 6th day as pope is 9/19/19-Napoleon died 3 months 10 days before his bday

May 16th this year is the 9th month 11th day on the Hebrew and Islamic Calendars.
This day getting more and more interesting. 

The Islamic Calendar also began on 9/11 this year as well. 
The year of 1440 sticks out because that number is related to Time. Also thinking about the size of the New Jerusalem and the 12X12,000 People of the Tribes of Israel. 

Also 9/19/19 will be Pope Francis' 6th year 6th month 6th day as being the Pope? 
It's also 276 days after his last bday. 
An important number I have been documenting about...
I don't want to retype it all, but going to leave some key words to find it in a search. 
Guantanamo Bay...Chelsea Manning...Lakers..Cuba..
Pope Francis is 82 years old...
Eighty Two=262(Franc Baconis)
Jorge Bergoglio=82
Remember his 1,189th day as Pope was on Trump's bday in 2016....1,189 chapters in the KJV and so on...

Remember though the copyright claim I am referring to happened 177 days after me putting out the video on 9/19(262nd day). The 177th day of the year is 6/26. I got another copyright claim on 6/8 that year which was 262 days after my original video on the 262nd day. 

Pope Francis=68
Donald John Trump=68
Remember Kanye West born on 6/8 and it was important to the QUEEN symbolism and Bohemian Rhapsody...
I'm just thinking about these dates..
3/13/13........a lot of 13
9/19/19........a lot of 19..
6th prime is 13
8th prime is 19. 

157th prime is 919. 
United States=157
Kanye West was really important to the FRANCE Stuff as well and the 2015 Paris Attacks...
Pope Francis arrived in America on 9/22 which is the day of the establishment of the French Republic after the French Monarch fell on 8/10/1792. 
So 9/22 this year will be the 227th anniversary of the French Republic too. 

James Garfield died on 9/19 after getting shot at the Train Station...I'm wondering if that's important to me talking about season 3 episode 10 of Garfield on my Full House video? Plus the connection to Time Travel....
Garfield's killer died 9 months and 11 day later too. 

Tisha B'Av begins 1 month 9 days before 9/19/19 on the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarcy....

It's interesting too that Kanye West/Kim just had another child. Remember Kanye visited the White House just a few days before we found out that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were having a baby. 

It's also interesting that Emmanuel Macron's bday is 133 days after 8/10. Think how it's connected to Ethiopia as well. 
Wikileaks established on 10/4 which is the day the current constitution of France was established as well. Also connects to the Julian Calendar/Julian Assange/Ides of March Mosque shooting. 

Macron the youngest Head of State in France since Napoleon...
Napoleon became Emperor of France age 34. 
Napoleon=266(Jewish)....The year the French Republic was established was 1792 which was a 9/22 was the 266th day of the year. 
Think about Pope Francis being the 266th Pope going to the White House on the 266th day of the year. 
2nd prime is 3...6th prime is 13....3/13/13..or 266. 

I'm trying to piece this together...
Haile Selassie=227....227th anniversary....
Lion of Judah=52, 56
Pope=52, 56

Napoleon means "Naples Lion".....
Naples, ITALY..
Rome, ITALY...
Mount Vesuvius that I mentioned with the connection to the Kentucky Derby stuff is located by Naples...
Naples, Italy=266(Franc Baconis)
Italy=133(Franc Baconis)
Naples=133(Franc Baconis)
Today is 5/13 which is the 133rd day of the year. I wonder what the headlines will bring? 

How did I never see this before? Napoleon died 3 months 10 days before his bday? 
Think how the 310 is important to Ethiopia, which also syncs up to World Lion Day on the 227th anniversary of the Fall of the French Monarcy. 
This also means the French Revolution began 3 months 10 days before Napoleon's bday as well. 

French Revolution=408(Franc Baconis)

It's been 408 years since the KJV was written. 

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  1. 33, 62, 26 = royals
    111, 68, = pope
    227 = prophecy
    88, 45, 119, 68 = President Trump