Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Magic Johnsons says Rob Pelinka betrayed him

Have to love how this story comes 9 months 6 days after Magic Johnson's bday. 

The whole drama is about 49 year old Rob Pelinka? 
Rob Pelinka=49
Notice his bday is 4 months 9 days after Magic Johnson's. 
Magic Johnson stepped down on 4/9 too. 
Read Pelinka's wiki too...why even write this in here? 
In 2012 he represented Dion Waiters and Andre Drummond selected 4th and 9th....Also formerly Kevin Durant's agent...
Kevin Durant=49
Durant injured 49 days after Cliff Dixon's death. 
Interesting too as Dion Waiters Brother died 2 months 27 days after Dion's bday....227 the 49th prime...it was when he played for OKC with Durant. 

This story comes the same day the Warriors sweep the Blazers too. 

Today is also 217 days before Pelinka's bday. 
Robert Todd Pelinka Jr=217

Random thing too, but I'm interested to see what eastern team makes the finals. The Bucks are interesting because they broke the Warriors 16 game winning streak in their 73 win season....the headlines saying "It's Over"=108
The Bucks scored 108 points in the game...

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