Friday, May 17, 2019

Blogger says I have 0 views on my posts

I've noticed this for a while, but just feel like documenting it as I'm sitting here. All of my posts on this blog always say I have 0 views. How can this even be possible as people leave comments on the posts? Just funny and wanted to share. 


  1. Very strange. You're head to head with ZKH as far as your delivery and well your content is more extensive even and the continuity you're able to maintain outshines anyone. No surprise that you're so suppressed. I understand it may get tiresome hearing about Zach but there is zero reason you're not neck n neck with him in views, subs or what have you. Minus you're delivery and all around knowledge of gematria and beyond, you're just a through and through decent dude. People should be paying for your content

  2. Dan check this out : the Nascar All Star Race is today, 5.18.

    5/18 like 518.
    Brenda Jackson died 5 months 18 days from Dale Earnhardt Jr b-day
    Ralph Dale Earnhardt   = 518,

    Dale Earnhardt became the 1st rookie to win the All Star Race, he did it in the #8 car. Yesterday, rookie, Daniel Hemric, won the Pole, in the #8 car. ( He races for Richard Childress Racing, who Dale Earnhardt drove for, ( the reason, Richard Childress' Grandson, Austin Dillon, drives the #3 under RCR), ( And won the Daytona 500, in the #3, twenty years from #3 Dale E winning it).