Sunday, May 19, 2019

Slipknot Album "Iowa" and the 515 area code in relation to the Helicopter crash on 5/15 into the Hudson River-JFK-Buffy-Columbine

I just made a video from last night and I discovered something in regards to Slipknot. I know there is something important to Iowa with Trump/Iowa State Fair/Helicopter and so on...
Slipknot's Album titled "Iowa" begins with the song "515" which is Des Moines Area Code. 
Notice too they promoted with a song called "The Heretic Anthem" in which they released only 666 copies on 5/15. 

Remember the Helicopter that crashed into the Hudson river was on 5/15 as well. 

Also this album came out just before 9/11/2001....Osama Bin Laden important to Tisha B'Av but also the number 310. 
Lou Boudreau died on 8/10(Colavito's bday) in 2001 as well. 

Iowa is important because of Herbert Hoover and the Stock Market Crash....Plus Pope John Paul II visited Des Moines in 1979...
Des Moines Iowa=151
Jesus Christ=151

Remember the Marilyn Manson stuff connected to JFK and Trump Meeting the Pope as well. 
Say10 original video was of Trump being assassinated...
All of these plane crash stories are important...
Remember the Coma White Video with Rose Mcgowan was about the JFK assassination. 
JFK Jr. died in a plane crash just after the Columbine shooting in which was blamed on Marilyn Manson...His coma white video came out that same year as well. 
The original Air Force One was called "Columbine II". 
It's why the Lion Air/Ethiopian Air and all the other airline stories are important because of Boeing....Trump wanting to cancel the Boeings order for Air Force One. 

Marilyn Manson's bday si 1/5 or 5/1 which syncs up to Helicopter...
Also Marilyn Monroe's connection to JFK and she died on Obama's 1st bday of 8/4..
The song Say10 was originally about Trump being assassinated. 

This is why the story I documented about Buffy The Vampire Slayer came out on 11/22/2018....the anniversary of JFK's assassination. 

Trump visited Pope Francis on 5/24 which was the day Paul Gray died. Paul Gray born on 4/8 which is important to the WALL symbolism...Marilyn Manson released the Trump Say10 video on the day of the election in 2016 which was important to the WALL theme. 
Trump visited the Western WALL just 2 days before he met Pope Francis...

It's funny to me that I have How To Gematria videos using both Slipknot and Marilyn Manson too...Both bands have played many shows together...
The Fight Song even has a Joey Jordison remix...
The song of course a statement in regards to Columbine. 

Austin Eubanks=612(satanic)
Columbine High School=612
Marjory Stoneman Douglas from the 612 area code.
612 days after the Pulse Nightclub shooting.
Dunblane Massacre=612

This is why it's important that Trump met Kim Jong Un on 6/12..or George HW Bush's bday....Also the day of the Time-Warner Merger by Judge LEON(Lion). All connected to 9/11. 
It was connected to the film The Interview which is about the assassination of Kim Jong Un...also stars James Franco who is in 11/22/63. The book came out on 11/8/11. 

The Marilyn Manson movie with Asia Argento also came out on 5/15 but not until 3/10 in the US. 

Columbine High School=276(Francis Bacon)
Big Bang Theory 276th episode...
Chuck Norris=276

Five Hundred Fifteen=811(satanic)


  1. Austin Eubank...EU Banks
    European Union Banks
    "Adam Banks" = 219 ext 118 Francis Bacon (Mighty Ducks). Played by Vincent Larusso born 5/16

  2. Revelation 8:11 connects to Revelation 6:12. It sums to 612 single reduction.