Sunday, May 5, 2019

Plane Skids of Runway into 310 mile Long St. Johns River-Garth Brooks Standing Outside the Fire and Notre Dame Concert-Oil/France-Sully

I didn't see this story until yesterday, but I see that it happened on Friday Night...5/3...regardless it's still connected to Maximum Security and the DQ story. 

What I want to point out with this story though is that the plane went into a river..This reminds us of the Miracle on the Hudson and "Sully". 

Remember how George Bush's dog was named "Sully" and he died just after Jamal Khashoggi and the 2 Saudi Arabian Girls who drowned in the Hudson...reminding us of the Miracle on the Hudson. 
Jamal related to the guy who died with Princess Diana in FRANCE. 
The Yellow Vest movement was going on that began because of Gas Prices(oil)...Saudi Arabia(Oil)..George Bush(Oil)...he died the same day as an Alaskan Earthquake(oil reserves)...It's why John McCain also died last year and his VP candidate was Sarah Palin(Alaska). 
In that same post I mentioned Garth Brooks playing at Notre Dame. Sam pointed out that he has the song "Standing Outside the Fire"..think about the Notre Dame fire. He played the song at the Notre Dame University concert too. Interesting in that music video the kid with down syndrome falls on the track wearing the number the emergency dialing code. 
Garth Brooks=134
The concert was 134 days before the Notre Dame Cathedral fire. 12/2 to 4/15. 
The concert was filmed 1 month 12 days before it aired on 12/2 as well. 

I mean think about all the people standing outside watching the Notre Dame Cathedral burning in France as well. 
So many other interesting things...
Brooks bday is 2/7 which is the exact halfway point after the concert aired to the Fire at Notre Dame. (67 days both ways) 
2/7 is the 38th day of the year..."Fire"=38
The school the song "Standing Outside The Fire" was filmed at was the same school Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" was filmed...haha..Bobby you will love that. 
Remember how Hot For Teacher is connected to the Ginger Cow and August 10/11th. 
That school was also used in BUFFY The Vampire Slayer the movie..Pretty in Pink....also interesting it says "The Wonder Years". I just watched the first episode of the Wonder Years a few nights ago before bed. There is a commercial..I think Walmart that plays the Joe Cocker song in it in which is the theme song for The Wonder Years. It made me want to rewatch it. 

It's fitting this plane going into the river story comes on 5/3 and not 5/4 too..
George Bush=53
Service Dog=53
Garth Brooks=53
The river it crashed into is 310 miles long even. 

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  1. Damn, that's crazy. That standing outside the fire video used to get me everytime. 😭