Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Shooting at STEM school in Colorado a day after a story about Magic Mushrooms in Denver.

A shooting in Colorado the day after they gave us a story about Mushrooms and Denver? 
It's only funny as the school is called "STEM" like a part of a mushroom. A shooting(Bust a CAP?). 
Stem School HIGHlands Ranch...got to put that "HIGH" in the story as well. 
Today is 5/7. 
1 dead 8 injured....the dead was an 18 year old...
A span of 18 days after the Columbine Anniversary...or 17 days....
Both are interesting as the 18th prime is 61...

See my post on Drugs/Alcohol in relation to God/61/17. 
Drugs-Alcohol God

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