Friday, May 24, 2019

My memories of Trolls and why it might be important t

I've been thinking about why "Trolls" are important lately and there's really only a few things I can think of from my past in regards to Trolls.
The film "Ernest Scared Stupid" that takes place around "Halloween"..
Also I remember taking a Troll doll in Junior High and puttting a screw through it's butt and making it look like a Penis coming out the front. Then I took this other toy of a surfer dude with his mouth open and put in on the penis part and labeled it as my basketball coach and another kid I went to school with. I remember we even cut the trolls hair off and made pubes lol, just hilarious to me thinking about it. 

The most memorable thing in regards to Trolls for me however is the Troll Sing Along Movie in which they sang the song Kokomo. I would bet a million dollars that my cousin Justin would instantly know what I am talking about with this too. There's a part where a Troll starts singing, "At the Florida Keys" in a goofier voice that made us laugh all the time...and sing along to it...

I can't seem to find the whole sing a long movie, but I know it's important. Think about Uncle Jesse on Full House loving the Beach Boys...also the Beach Boys connection to Charles Manson and the death of Doris Day...

Beach Boys=80
Funny I recently documented about "Pi" in relation to "80" as well. 

Florida Key=510

I DJed in a town called "Manning" tonight too....makes me think about "Chelsea Manning"....the place I djed is a "German" type event center...and tomorrow my band it playing at "German" beer Haus bar..
The Big Bang Theory number connected to "Pi"...
Germany important with Trump and the Wall..

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  1. is there some sort of Dukes of Hazzard overlap.... Uncle Jesse...