Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Nascar Xfinity driverMichael Annett for JR Motorsports is from Des Moines, French connection and Interesting Iowa connections

Des Moines, Iowa was incorporated on 9/22? 
So it was incorporated on the anniversary of the French Republic. Also named after the Des Moines river which likely adapted it's name from the French Riviever des Moines. 
Interesting too it's a major center for US Insurance....makes me think of destruction and rebuilding...
Michael Annett is one of the full time drivers of JR Motorsports in Xfinity and he is from Des Moines too. 
He won the first race of the season at Daytona...
He will be 33 years old next month..
Most likely he will racing in the Xfinity race on 8/10 as well. 

It will be 48 days after his bday....Remember the Nascar stuff with Dale Earnhardt is synced to the WALL symbolism and the number 48..

Another interesting race to maybe watch for is the Xfinity race at Iowa on 6/16...It will be 56 days(end date) before 8/10 or just 56 days before 8/11..
Remember Nascar founded by Bill FRANCE too. 

Iowa was also part of French Louisiana and it's flag is based on the French Flag. 

The current governor has the interesting bday of 8/4 or 4/8 as well...
This date was important to the Talladega nights...Obama..Jeff Gordon and more...
She became governor when Terry Branstad stepped down to become ambassador to CHINA. 
Just thinking about the tariffs...IM Pei and the Louvre Pyramid.
Terry Branstad=328(F baconis)
We can't forget racist Steve King and how he fits in with the Wall symbolism either. 

I forgot all about Herbert Hoover being born on 8/10 as well. 
Also remember the first deaths of World War I and World War II were both guys from Iowa..
Merle Hay who died in France. 
Robert Losey who died in Norway. 

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