Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My old video about Batman and Trump-Trump said he was Batman on Napoleon's bday-World's Fair-Buffy(Film) Illuminati Symbolism at Basketball Game

I went back and watched part of my video about Donald Trump saying he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair in 2015 in the helicopter. Guess what day that event happened? August 15th which is Napoleon's bday. 

I also talk about the death of Batgirl Yvonne Craig in that video and mention how she was in the film "It happened at the Worlds Fair" with Elvis. 
I just thought it was odd it mentioned a "Fair" in regards to Trump and Batman at the Iowa State Fair at the time. Plus I had recently talked about the commercial with the Blackout stuff and the Eiffel Tower.  

Yvonne Craig born on 5/16 too. 

It happened at the World's Fair? 
Maybe we should watch for China considering they are hosting it right ends on Putin's bday...also...
Worlds Fair=125, 53, 145
North Korea=125, 53, 145

It's funny too, I mention Ben Affleck being the new Batman in that video. Affleck's bday is 8/15(Napoleon). Affleck is also a big piece to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuff as I always tells people he's in that film. It's the part during the basketball game and he says, "Here, Take it" in reference to the ball. 

hahaha I just turned on the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer to make sure that Ben Affleck actually does talk in it. I'm going off my memory from years ago...he actually says, "Take it Man"....anyway just before this part the coach has the All Seeing Eye and pyramid/Infinity drawn up on his playboard. I mean why would he have that on his board? So funny, and I never even saw it as a kid like most others. 


  1. All seeing eye = sun + Venus and Mars conjunct = win, or is that sun + venus and mars conjunct over (divided by) whatever planet symbolizes infinity = win?

  2. Sun, Venus/Mars conjunct, Pluto. Gold, iron, antimony, infinity. I have never heard of this before but saw someone with the name Rael and now am seeing it here and spelled backwards Lear as in King Lear, whom I believe was a Moor, but memory could be wrong.

  3. Infinity.