Monday, May 13, 2019

Farmers get impatient with Trumps Trade War-Synchronicity with an Ad in the article

Farmers=35, 109(reverse)
Trade Wars=109, 62(rev red)
This Can't Go On=62(rev red)

It's funny as I have so much synchronicity that I usually don't document. I mean it happens at least 10 to 20 times a day it seems. 
So I'm reading this article and my neck is burning because I had to use Jasmine's razor to shave the other day. She packed up a bunch of stuff because we are most likely moving soon and put my clippers in a box somewhere. 
Anyway I'm thinking about my neck burning and rubbing it a bit and I come to the picture on the right of a guy doing the same thing. 
I don't have Hepatitis C whatsoever, but it's just hilarious everytime it happens. 
Hepatitis C=56, 110
Razor Burn=56, 110

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