Friday, May 17, 2019

Luke Perry died 73 days(Chuck Norris/Pi number) before the Big Bang Theory Finale

How much more perfect could the Big Bang Theory's finale with Buffy be synced up to what I was documenting? 
Notice Luke Perry died 73 or 2 months 12 days before the finale aired. 
73 is the Chuck Norris(Born on 3/10) of numbers. 
The 12th prime is 37. 
The 21st prime is 73..
So we got a 12 and 21 with the 73. 

Remember Stephen Hawking died on "Pi" day which was the 73rd day of the year. 

Three Hundred Ten=314(Reverse Franc Baconis)

Random thing, but I was looking at the date of 3/10 and I see South Korea's previous president was impeached on 3/10..before MOON Jae In took over...
Park Geun-hye=516(satanic)
South Korea=133=Ethiopia=Haile Selassie I

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