Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Pilot survives Helicopter crash into the Hudson-Miracle on the Hudson-Bruce Willis(Hudson Hawk) and story of Phillies game-Time-Ninja Turtles-Leonardo da Vinci-Corey Feldman

Hudson River=63, 144
Ashton Byrd=144

There is something significant to 15 or 1's and 5's with these stories as well. 
The Miracle on the Hudson was on 1/ this on 5/15...both on the 15th day....1st month 5th month(15)
The Miracle on the Hudson had 155 on board. 
Henry Hudson=151

Think about how the Miracle on the Hudson crashed because it hit a Bird, or a Flock of Birds....the guy who films this helicopter crash has the last name of "BYRD". 
Funnier yet to me is that I just documented about Doris Days son in regards to the Byrds song "Turn, Turn, Turn". 
I've also recently documented about the Miracle on the Hudson and the connections to the death of Jamal Khasgoggi and more. 
The Florida plane went into the 310 mile river...

Remember too that August 10th is important because Slipknot is playing the Iowa State Fair for the first time ever. Donald Trump said he was Batman in the helicopter at the Iowa State Fair. 
Since everything seems to go back to my old videos or information, I need to go back and find my Ninja Turtles video. I know there is one in which "Donnie/Donatello" finds Leonardo DaVinci's Helicopter plans when they go back in time...or something of the sort..

Have to love the story about Bruce Willis in the news today as well. 
Bruce Willis plays as "Hudson Hawk" in the film "Hudson Hawk". 

Haha oh my god how hilarious. I've never seen this film, but when I searched Hudson on Wikipedia earlier it was one of the only things that stuck out to me. 
I randomly document about the Ninja Turtles and Leonard DaVinci...then I see the story of Bruce Willis, so I figured I'd look up the film. Notice in the plot it even mentions a device made by Leonard DaVinci? It's just awesome as I just randomly thought of the helicopter connection because of Donald Trump..Donnie. 
Plus Hudson HAWK...think about that in regards to BYRDS, 
I honestly think part of the reason I thought about the Ninja Turtles thing was because earlier I was watching an old episode of The Big Bang Theory. Leonard, Raj, and Howard all get high off cookies while camping. At one point Leonard says he hates his name because it has "NERD" in it. I remember thinking about Leonardo da Vinci while watching that episode, but not thinking much of it. 
Bruce Willis=52
Hudson Hawk=52
Leonardo da Vinci was born on 5/2. 
Leonardo da Vinci=88

I wouldn't doubt if there's something special to Corey Feldman as he was the voice of Donatello...Remember the 310 stuff began with Buffy/Corey Feldman/Luke Perry...

I just dicovered another interesting thing...Corey Feldman's first film was "Time After Time"...the movie that stars Malcolm McDowell who is also in "A Clockwork Orange". Time after Time was one of the films with the time travel date of November 5th...along with the Mandela Effect movie.."Timerider: The Adventures of Lyle Swan" and Back to the Future.
Think about that date in relation to the beginning of the post too....11/5...5/15...1/15...
Might have to rewatch that Time after Time film...I know it had something to do with San Francisco....there's also an episode of Star Trek in which they time travel and it involves San Francisco/Mark Twain I documented about years ago...
Everything about the Ninja Turtles was about "Time"..
I only started looking into it because of the mirrored Mona Lisa's in the Rocky Horror picture show during the song "Time Warp" and thought there was a connection to Leonardo da Vinci haha. 

I know this whole post is probably confusing to anyone who hasn't been following my blog for a while too, but I'm documenting it because I know it's important for some reason and I don't want to forget. 

Also the name "Leonardo" means strong as a LION. 


  1. George Kittle played for the Hawkeyes

  2. Pope Francis born exactly 33 years after the first flight 12/17/1903 to 12/17/1936

  3. We have the connection to France, again, as in your other article today about Aaron NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana--France). This is the third weird plane crash in two weeks. Third? Am I right on that? or is it four? Look bigger, Dan. What are the plane crashes really signaling, not just the here and now, but all together, the pattern, the bigger picture? Stock market crash? ? ?

  4. Danny Boy you gotta check this story. They're talking about replacing Caroline Kennedy with the miracle on the hudson pilot. story dropped today. Sully Sullenberger.

  5. Kennedy joined boeing August 10th 2017

  6. today is 9/11 & 118 days to 9/11 or a 119 span