Friday, May 31, 2019

Albert Almora in Tears after Foul ball hits young girl in the crowd

This girl got hit by a Foul ball on the 54th pitch of Cubs 54th game of the season. 
Foul=54 and 54(reverse)
Baseball=54 and 54(rev red)
54 Outs in a 9 inning game. 
First ever MLB game on 5/4..1871. 

Foul Ball=81, 45(rev red)
Eighty One=54
Cubs=45=Wrigley=Illinois=Miami=Sports Flash.
Cubs won WS 4 and 5 before breaking the curse of the Billy Goat that began in 1945. 
Forty Five=54

Interesting this story comes 1 month 13 days or 43 days after Almora's bday. 
They were playing the Astros who won the 113th World Series. 
Wade Miley=43(Pitcher)
The Astros were playing their 57th game of the season..
World Series=57

Albert Almora=206
Chicago Cubs=206

Toddler hit by Foul Ball at Yankees Game
This story reminds me of the Toddler being hit at the Yankees vs Twins game in 2017 just before the Astros went on to win the World Series. 

I saw Sam post on Facebook earlier in regards to Nick Nurse(Raptors coach) being from Iowa....he said the Astros coach was also from Iowa. 
So just blogging about it, as I find it he just turned 45 years old. 
That means he won the WS in 2017 with the Astros age 43..(Astros=43)


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