Sunday, May 19, 2019

Death of Gabrielle Crahan daughter of Slipknot's Shawn Crahan

Bobby just tagged me in this post about Shawn Crahan's daughter dying. He is a member of the band Slipknot. 

She died 4 months 6 days before his bday. 
Gabrielle Crahan=116
Slipknot=46, 116, 100, 35
Shawn Michael Crahan=100

She died age 22. 

It's also interesting in regards to August 10th that he is currently 49 years old. She died 4 months 9 days before her bday on the Jesuit Anniversary. 
49th prime is 227. 
May 18th leaves 227 days in the year. 
Think about 8/10 in regards to 227 and France and so on..

She also dies 83 days or 2 months 22 days before Slipknot's new album release. 
8/10 the 222nd day important to "Ethiopia"=83
We are not your kind=83(New Album title)
She died 83 days after Chris Fehn's bday on 2/24 as well. 

Shawn Crahan even directed the music video to their new single released on 5/16. 

She dies the day after they performed their new single on Jimmy Kimmel at the Masonic Temple in Hollywood. 
James Christian Kimmel=328
The number around the Big Bang Theory/Pi.
8/10 is 3 months 28 days before Corey Taylor's bday. 

It's also interesting she dies 161 days after Corey Taylor's bday. 
Shawn Michael Crahan=161
I'm wondering if she died in "Johnston, Iowa"=161 like Paul Gray did. I used to live in Johnston as well that was connected to the Police shooting and the Cubs World Series. 

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