Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My false memory of the song "Kokomo" and France-Troll-John Stamos-Golden Gate Bridge

I realized something interesting today in regards to the song Kokomo and the Trolls. Someone came in to the store today with a shirt that reminded me of the song...I can't remember exactly what...I think the shirt said, "Key Largo", but not for sure....regardless something made me start singing the song. 
I realized that I have a false memory of the words to the song. The parts before the verses where they talk deeper and I always thought it said, "Come on, and dance, I want to go to FRANCE". I started laughing as I've known this as the words forever for some reason. Possibly I just made that up as a kid or something, because I used to do that a lot. 
I don't think it's a Mandela Effect thing, I think I just changed the words as a kid and have always sang it this way. 
If you look up the lyrics it doesn't say this anywhere in the song...and it makes sense as what would France have to do with the Caribbean? 
Anyway just wanted to document this as I know it's important to France. I can't believe I didn't think about this before either. It just blew my mind when I looked up the lyrics today and I couldn't find them to say this. 

It is interesting in regards to the Mandela Effect stuff I have been following, although I'm positive it's not the Mandela Effect. 
Beach Boys=80
Bavarian Illuminati=80

It's interesting too that I've mentioned the importance of HERMES Katsopolis/John Stamos with the Beach Boys as well. He actually plays drums in the Kokomo music video. 
Remember how I randomly mentioned season 3 episode 10 of Garfield in my Full House videos. 
A lot of stuff in that post was about 8/10 and the San Andreas Fault being 810 miles long....
John Phillip Stamos=811(satanic)
Hermes Katsopolis=227
Jesse Katsopolis=210=San Francisco California
Adam Weishaupt=210
Johann Adam Weishaupt=310

Garfield and Friends=310(Franc Baconis)
Also think about Garfield and Friends....the 2 main characters in the segments are Garfield(CAT) and Orson(PIG)...Jesse KATsopolis....
Pig year....
Also the president Garfield who was assassinated on 9/19 by Charles Guiteau(French ancestry). 

Something I forgot to document the other night in regards to the winning 200 something at the Casino on the machine that broke was called "Fire Link" something...but the background of it had the "Golden Gate Bridge" which was the reason it even drew my attention to begin with. 

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