Friday, May 17, 2019

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen the first Nobel Prize in Physics has Gematria of 310-Big Bang Theory

On the Finale of the Big Bang, Amy and Sheldon win the Nobel Prize in Physics. 
I see the first Nobel Prize in Physics was Wilhelm Rontgen which is interesting. If you go back and see my videos in 2014 I talked about Rontgen Rays and X-Rays. 
If you raise the letter X it's similar to a "t" or a Cross. 
The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you and and X-Ray let's you see inside yourself. 
X in multiplication means "Times".

Wilhelm Rontgen=227(FB)
Rontgen Rays=310(Franc B)
X Rays=262(satanic)
All important to my recent info..
Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen=310

I also mentioned the connection to Queen Elizabeth with the number 111. She was born on the 111th day...Roentgenium the 111th element...

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  1. The t is actually Tau/Tav, and it means "it is finished" or "end" "final". The words attributed to someone called "Jesus" are as he hung on the cross/tau/tav--"It is finished."