Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wikipedia has Paul Gray's death as Johnston, Iowa but it's really Urbandale-My Wikipedia Corey Taylor Video from 2015

While coming home from band practice I listened to Zach's video about Gabrielle Crahan and having her funeral at the Scottish Rite Consistory. 
In the video however he talks about Paul Gray dying in "Urbandale, Iowa" which I does that make sense? It has said on Wikipedia for years and still does that he died in "Johnston, Iowa". When further researching you find that it is actually my video and info about that little piece has been apparently wrong all these years. No big deal, as there's still enough "38" to see what I am saying....anyway..I am positive all of this happened for a reason years ago and it's something I am supposed to see at this time. There's something I'm supposed to learn from it. 

I have a video from 2015 talking about how Wikipedia changes things to fit a narrative and you can't change it to the correct thing...even if it's source cited. On this interview Corey Taylor says his middle name is really "JOSH" but on Wikipedia it says "Todd"...when I changed it to "Josh" it got changed back only a few hours later.....the time they changed it however was at 4:31 which I pointed out was the room number Paul Gray died in. 
So now I'm noticing how they changed Paul Gray's death to Johnston instead of Urbandale because Johnston makes more sense. 

I know the Gematrinator messing up the other day is connected to this as well. 

It's funny as Paul Gray is the PIG and it's a Pig year...Earlier after band practice, I stayed around for a bit. I had Claire with me and she wanted to play with the other kid there...anyway my friend Pat told me he just learned the song "Piggies" on the Piano and played it for me...then he told me about the song meaning and so funny a Pig thing would even come up tonight. 
Notice this song came out on the anniversary of JFK's assassination and the day of my original BUFFY post. 
This song is also on the Beatles White Album and a song that had meaning to Charles Manson. Remember we just got the death of Doris Day whose son was connected to Charles the Marilyn Manson connection to Big Bang/Buffy stuff....remember all of that connected to JFK as well. 

Also I find it interesting in the comments on my Wikipedia video I have one from ExplorerOne that mentions Talladega Nights. I remember he made a video about Talladega nights and then his channel got real big after talking about the 9/23 seemed odd how fast he went up to almost 20k subs? I know Zach called him a shill and what not at some point...he went from like 100 subs to 20k super he doesn't make any videos, not sure why..
He made a video about that commercial too, I remember with the Eiffel Tower. 

Talladega Nights was important to the Big Bang Stuff and France..

Funnier yet is that in the video I mention how the guy who changed it had the same gematria as my channel name. 
It's funny as I didn't know reverse gematria back then and now I know that "Slipknot"=46 and Paul Gray died 46 days before his bday. 
Corey Josh 431 is the 83rd prime number. 
Paul Dedrick Gray=83


  1. Do you have a lot of planets posited in your 12th house or 8th house? You said you are a Scorpio, but are your planets in the 12th or 8th house? I'm guessing you have several planets in one or both houses.

  2. Dan, Maybe Jeffrey Earnhardt (Dale Jr's son) wins his first race in the Xfinity Iowa race .

  3. Ineresting, this Saturday's XFINITY race Jeffrey Earnhardt will have Officer " Jordan Sheldon "in Saturday's race on his car. I know you were mentioning Sheldon from BIg Bank Theory and also JORDAN last name this race is in Charlotte michael jordan just some thoughts thanks dan

  4. A French guy has the fastest qualifying time for the Indy 500