Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Phillies Fans Boo Bruce Willis after 1st pitch to Aaron NOLA-New Orleans and the connections to my last post

I didn't even think about Bruce Willis in regards to the synchroncity I had the other night with "GLASS"...but another interesting thing in this story stands out...
The pitch he was threw as to Aaron NOLA who is from Louisiana even. 
Think about New Orleans(NOLA) Pelicans getting the #1 draft pick yesterday and it was all about "64". 
Notice Aaron Nola's bday of 6/4...
Bruce Willis is turned 64 years old this year. 

This happens 1 month 26 days after Bruce Willis bday...
New Orleans=126
The Phillies played "Milwaukee"=126(FB)
New Orleans Pelicans=205

The Brewers won with a 5-2 score..
Bruce Willis=52
It was the Brewers 45th game of the season? 
Brewers=45 and 45(rev red)
Phillies=45 and 45(rev red)
New Orleans=45

Today is 310 days(end date) before Bruce Willis bday as well. 

Also think about the connection to Philadelphia and Toronto with Hulk Hogan...The Milwaukee Bucks just beat the Toronto Raptors tonight as well...
Today the 135th day....
Key of David=135

The Film Glass was filmed in Philadelphia too...I also cannot think about Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore/Bruce Willis in regards to the previous story of ASHTON Byrd getting the Hudson Helicopter footage. 
Ashton Kutcher=64


  1. Dan, your work is eye opening.. Keep it up!! Thank you!!

  2. Aaron Nola=phony name. Everyone in New Orleans says NOLA. Hardly anyone says New Orleans if they live in Louisiana. So obvious, and I'm so glad we moved away.

  3. Caroline Kennedy turns 64 lunar years old on December 31st. Born 5/5/1377 on the Islamic Calendar.

  4. Remember me telling you about Fred's in the latest Goosebumps movie. Breaking news today. 104 more Fred's Closing. Goosebumps 2 A Haunted Halloween. Halloween = 95. sirius = 95 and is at 104° of the ecliptic


  5. Dan, With the New Zealand mosque shooting, is there anything to Danny Lee, from New Zealand who's 1 stroke from 1st Place at the PGA Championship?

  6. New Orleans in the headlines today for weather.

  7. his pitch was 57 days after his birthday. Today was 56 days after the pitch with 56 date numerology. Tomorrow will be 57 with 57 date num.