Thursday, September 21, 2017

Toddler hit by Foul ball 9/20 during Twins Vs Yankees game-9/11

The kid who got hit by the Foul ball in the Yankees vs Twins game happened when the score was 3-9. 
New York=39
7+2+6+1+7+8+8=39(became a state. )
39 Story United Nations Building.
First Governor of New York was George Clinton who became governor in 1739'. 
Clinton=39(rev red)
The Giants won their first ever Super Bowl (XXI) with 39 points. 
So many more examples. 


Toddler=39(rev red) Look at the other gematria too. It's super fitting for New York. 
This happened on the 263rd day of the year. 
Also think about a Toddler being hit by "Todd" Frazier. 

The girl hit was with her Grandparents. 
New York Yankees=187
Todd Frazier traded to the Yankees on 18/7. 

Anti-Netting=52, 133 also 164. 
Minnesota=52(rev red) and 133(reverse)
Three to Nine=133, 164(reverse)

I've been seeing a lot of 164 in the past few days in things I look up. 
CNN today had an article about the Peace Sign.
Peace Sign=164
I was reading through Zach's blog a bit ago and someone commented about Jesse Ventura. 
James George Janos=164(Ventura's real name)
He's the former Governor of Minnesota. 
Benjamin Tetzlaff=164(if Benjamin is his real full name) on Zach's blog. 
Puebla Earthquake=164=Chiapas Earthquake=Captain Underpants:The First Epic Movie

The pitcher at the time of the girl being hit was Nik Turley. 
Look at his bday of 9/11. Think about that in regards to New York and all of the 9/11 stuff I keep mentioning. 

This also happens 7 months 8 days after Todd Frazier's bday. 
New York=78(reverse)
Todd Brian Frazier=170

Also thinking about it, if the Yankees and Twins play each other in the Wild Card game it will be the 7th time this season they played each other. Currently the Yankees are leading 4-2. If the Yankees win it would make them 5-2. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Seventh Game=52(rev red)
Todd Frazier born on the 43rd day of the year. 

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