Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Nashville Flipped Star Troy Dean Shafer dead at 38-Flipping the script connections to 2016/17

I saw this story in CNN headlines when I got home. I just clicked on it because it mentioned "Flipped" and I've recently been talking about Flipping the Script being important. 
As I was reading the article it tells us that he went to college at Penn State BEHREND which just stands out to me considering my last name is Behrendt. Plus today is 5/8. 
Dan Behrendt=58 in reverse(flipped)

Notice he died 8 months 10 days after his bday as well...which is a day in I was talking about in regards to "Flipping". 

They don't report this story until 5/8 although he died on 4/28..the 118th day.
Nashville Tennessee=118
The story comes 102 days before his 39th bday. 
Nashville=39, 102

Of course he also died age 38 which is a number often seen around death. 
Death=38 and 118(Jewish)

There's also some interesting thoughts I have with the Penn State connection...the flipping stuff was connected to my Uncle Barney's death and he went to Penn State. 
Notice Troy Dean Shafer died 669 days after the last episode aired in 2017(same year Barney died). Barney died 8 months 10 days before my grandma too. 
Anyway the 669 is important because he went to Penn State because he worked for the Union with a company called "669 Sprinkler Fitters". 

That episode also aired 166 days after Barney died. 
Barney Murphy=166
166 is the big number I've mentioned important to this as well. 

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