Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More info on the Murph Challenge-Hawaii stories in media-Chain of events in my life giving me signs-Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon-Lion-My Uncle Ed Murphy's trip to the Bunny Ranch

I just took a shower and kept thinking about this guys middle name. I didn't even think to check on Wikipedia until now. Look at that...He even has the EXACT name as my uncle. 
Plus his bday of 5/7 and I found my Uncle's obituary on 5/7. 
I'm thinking about August 11th as well in regards to Al-Qaeda being formed, and this guy dying in Afghanistan. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=310
Osama Bin Laden born on 3/10. 
He died 3 months 10 days before 8/11. 

I see that there is a ship named after his called the USS Michael Murphy as well. I'm just interested that I see it's homeport is in Hawaii. There have been a bunch of Hawaii stories in the media lately. 

I know there was another one I saw, but I can't remember what it was. 
Also the reason I even watched the new Slipknot video was because of my friend Jimmy that reached out to me the day before his grandpa died. Jimmy is all about the military/navy. Other than music, it's the only thing he talks about. I mean seriously the only 2 things I've ever heard him talk about haha. Anyway he was stationed in Hawaii while in the Navy....

Earlier I went to Facebook for a few seconds and one of the first things that popped up was Jimmy sharing the song "Time" by Pink Floyd. I noticed that my aunt Rosa(Cathy Murphy) was one of the few who like the video. The other reason I know it's important is because my band literally just added this song to our setlist and played it for the first time last Friday(5/24). 

It's interesting this song has sound effects from Alan Parsons....the guy who wrote the song "Sirius" that was used for Michael Jordan's introduction song. 
Plus it's on the Album "The Dark Side of the Moon"..which reminds us of China landing on the Dark Side of the Moon earlier this year...
Remember Hawaii important to the Great American Eclipse as well. 

Haha wow. I searched "The Dark Side of the Moon" on my blog and a post about my uncle "MURF" Ed Murphy came up. He won a trip to the Bunny Ranch from Hustler magazine and also a date with playmate from AUGUST 10' Cami Parker. What are the odds? 

Especially when earlier out of the 2 or 3 articles I have clicked on tonight there was one about Lamar Odom. He said the owner of the Love Ranch tried to kill him today, and it wasn't a drug overdose back in 2015. 
It was on "The View"=92
Lamar Odom=92

My Uncle Ed's bday is 8/27 which reminds me of Haile Selassie. 
I also documented some synchronicity with "Fred" from Scooby Doo with Claire in regards to Buffy the Vampire that post I mentioned some Wizard of Oz stuff with Nipsey Hussle...Nipsey Russle was the Tin Man...."Marathon"=310 and so on....Just thinking about Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon and the connection to the Wizard of Oz....Cowardly LION. 

Edward Murphy=310(Franc Baconis)
Remember how Charlie Murphy died after I documented about my Uncle too. 

It's also interesting that today is 2 months 30 days before my uncles bday. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=230
They shared the Murph Challenge online for the first time on the 230th day of the year. 

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch also in LYON County Nevada? 

This place also famous for a TV show called the "Cathouse". 
Think about the CAT theme in regards to LIONS. 

Also think about how Slipknot was connected to Neil Patrick Harris getting shot by the girls at the Whore House in regards to all of this in Harold and Kumar. Also how I met Echo Valley and so can't be a coincidence. 

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  1. This is so weird. Just the other day I randomly thought about a guy from school who we called "Murph Dawg" he was older than me, and special needs. I haven't seen or thought of him in probably 13 years.

    I was just telling you about Graham Parsons recently. Isn't he Alan Parsons brother?

    Todd N Tyler were just talking about The Bunny Ranch. Which is actually called, "The Moonlight Bunny Ranch"

    Moonlight Bunny Ranch/Graham Parsons...... Moonlight Graham?

    You should check that out!