Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vladimir Putin trips over carpet at Hockey Game on 5/10

Putin scored 8 goals wearing the number 11 jersey? 
Think about all the August 11th stuff. 

This happens 3 months 1 days before 8/11 too. 
11th prime number is 31. 
It reminds me that Putin boasted his military might with a video showing Florida being Nuked on 3/1 in 2018. 

Also Putin's bday is 3 months 1 days before Kim Jong Un's. (10/7 to 1/8). 
This happening on 5/10 sticks out because this was the day in 2018 they announced the Trump-Kim Summit. (See previous posts)
The Florida video came out 145 days after Putin's bday...
North Korea=145

Remember just days after they announced the Trump-Kim summit, Putin opened the Crimea bridge. 

I was just typing in some stuff and I thought it was
interesting that "USSR"=31(reverse) and 31(rev red)

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