Thursday, May 9, 2019

Chelsea Manning released after 62 days of jail-Ethiopian/Julian Calendar

Chelsea Manning released today 62 days after being jailed on 3/8 haha. 
Chelsea Manning=62

Notice how the story mentions she will have to go back to court on May 16th or 5/16....this date I have been mentioning. It's also interesting in regards to Julian Assange and the Julian Calendar...
May 16th is May 3rd on the Julian Calendar. 

Grand Jury=53
Today is 5+9+20+19=53
March Eighth=53(day arrested)
Obama commuted her on his Tranny wife Michelle's 53rd bday. 
Michael Obama=241(53rd prime number)

Another interesting thing is that today is 133 days before 9/19/19 in which I talked about being important to the Chelsea bombing of 2016/Marathon/Ethiopia/Julian Assange and so on..
Julian Assange=133
So on..
Haha it's also exactly 19 weeks before 9/19/19. 

May 19th is also interesting as on the Ethiopian Calendar it will be 9/11/2011. The Ethiopian New Year begins on 9/11 on the Gregorian Calendar as well...
519 was really important to the Duck theme and the reason I noticed all the 516 was connected to SNL/Duck theme...
5/19 is also Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's anniversary which was connected to "Stand By Me"/The Big Bang Theory that is also connected to 5/16. 
I can't not think the reason we got the Elizabeth Warren Story above right next to Chelsea Manning is because of the Royal Family...remember we got Warren stories in connection to the Royal engagement and baby announcement..

Also interesting today is 5/9(gregorian)
On the Ethiopian Calendar Chelsea Manning was commuted on 5/9/2009 which was 1/17/17(Gregorian). So today is a perfect day especially considering the 17th prime number is 59. 
Everything about Chelsea Manning was important to the number 17. 

Chelsea also originally released from prison on 5/17/17 which was 9/9/09 on the Ethiopian Calendar...I can't help but think about the Kentucky Derby and Maximum Security being DQ'ed either...Then the day before getting the plane skidding off the runway coming from Guantanamo Bay(Maximum Security)...Chelsea even released files of GB. 
Sully's name is Chesley which is pretty close to Chelsea as well. 
The river was 310 miles long that it crashed into...Which makes us think of the Ethiopian Airline crash on 3/10..
Also remember Obama freed a ton of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay as well and tried to shut it down even. 


  1. The soccer club Chelsea made it to the finals winning in a shootout

  2. shootout = 133 ordinal 218 rev ext

  3. Would you believe the Chelsea Football Club was founded on March 10th?

    Based in London. They defeated Frankfurt today. Same day of the Sibiu European Union Summit.

  4. Chelsea Clinton = 192 Bacon 59 reduced

  5. When I hear of DQ'ed I think Dairy Queen, hmmm Queen.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Russian Federation = 810 Jewish

  7. SO my husband came in tonight and asked me, "How much have you heard about the school shooting in Colorado?" (He doesn't believe anything outside his traditional news, the ones he chooses.) I shrugged and said not much. He said, "It doesn't fit their narrative. The shooter was a TRANSGENDER, ILLEGAL." He said more, but I listened patiently and kept working.

    What I wanted to say is, "Can't you see this is made up garbage? Come on! How many transgendered illegals are running around, and one just happens to shoot up a Colorado school and how many things have happened in Colorado over the years like when we said the air must be super thin there and stay away and what about lately with all the Colorado prep in the news?"

    But I didn't say anything. Maybe the light is slowly brightening since he is at least questioning.

    At any rate, when he said transgender, I immediately thought about Chelsea Manning being brought up in the news recently and made the connection. That is why Manning has been brought up . . . forerunner to the transgender shooting story.