Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Death of Casey Calvert of the band Hawthorne Heights in 2007-Black History and Ne-Yo

Random post, but I was randomly listening to the band Hawthorne Heights because something my girlfriend said to me reminded me of the band. 
One of the members died in 2007. 
Casey Calvert=73
Hawthorne Heights=73
He died on the "Tour Bus"=26, 73 at the age of 26. 
He die on the day leaving 37 days in the year....37/73..

Not sure if it means anything, but I want to document that their original name was "A Day in the Life" which comes from the Beatles song....That Beatles song is on the same album as "With a little Help from my Friends" in which I just documented about  with the Walmart? Commercial and The Wonder Years...

The first song they wrote with the name "Hawthorne Heights" was "The Transition"=73

They also had an incident with Ne-Yo over his album "In My Own Words" that came out the same day as their 2nd album. 
Just another for the books in regards to the numbers on black people. 
His first album "In my Own Words"=60 and came out on the 59th day of the year. 
Negro=59 and so on..
Shaffer Smith=60

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