Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Comment on Old Video about Kobe's 81 point game-Raptors vs 76ers series

I got this comment on my old Kobe Bryant 81 Point game video earlier tonight. I know it's important to the Raptors vs Philadelphia series going on...I see the Raptors are destroying the 76ers right now as well. 

Think about it though...Kobe the Philadelphia Native who scored 81 points against the Raptors. 
All the stuff with Magic Johnson was pointing to the 76ers...
Kobe's first game back after tearing his achilles was against the Raptors as well...

Michael Thomas=127 and 224
Today the 127th day of the year. 
Toronto Raptors=224
Kobe Bryant=224(Franc Baconis)

Interesting too that today is 3 months 4 days before August 11th....Remember everything about Kobe is synced up to the number 34....it's why I thought LeBron would get injured this year because he was turning age 34. 
Also Toronto is where Summer Slam is going to be held this year on August 11th which is Hulk Hogan's bday. Hogan got his revenge against Earthquake in Philadelphia. 

Kobe Bean Bryant=810(Sum)

Toronto=36 and they won by 36 points tonight. 
Notice they won with 125 points..
Philadelphia Seventy Sixers=125
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=125

We will see what happens in this series. It will be interesting if it goes 7 games as game 7 will be on May 12th...the annivesary of the Philadelphia Train Wreck in 2015 that was really important to Pope Francis' visit and so on...It's also interesting as it's the anniversary of my uncle Mike dying in 2015...remember his name equals 310....also oddly enough Jasmine started packing a bunch of stuff, because we are more than likely moving into a bigger house in the next month. When I got home I saw a big stack of papers on the table and on the very top was my Uncle Mike's obituary that I stopped and looked at. 
Plus on Kobe's 81 point game on 1/22 the Lakers scored 122 points...which was important to that whole Trainwreck narrative. 

Look at the recent people this person subscribe to as well haha. 
Dan the Lakers Fan? 
In the Kobe Video I say how I looked into his 81 point game because I am a Lakers Fan...my original Youtube picture even used to be the Lakers banner. 

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  1. Wasn't he cured from HIV? I guess that's why they call him Magic Johnson.