Friday, May 10, 2019

Kevin Durant's injury in regards to "CLIFF" Dixon

It's funny as I just went to Zach's blog and saw the connection to Kevin Durant's friend dying with KD's injury. I forgot all about the death of Cliff Dixon and I didn't cover it on my blog because I had a bunch of stuff going on during that time period. 
I've been documenting how a "Cliff" theme is important and it started back up around this same time when they brought back the family driving over the Cliff story. 
Think about Chris Paul and the State Farm commercials too..his twin brother is CLIFF Paul....It's also interesting because Paul had to fake the injury last year against the Warriors. 

There were all sorts of interesting things in that game 5 in which Durant got injured..especially with the number Warriors scored 31 in first half...Harden finished with 31 points and so on...
But I remember when Durant got injured they finished out the 3rd quarter with a score of 72-72. 
Kevin Wayne Durant=72

Cliff=211(satanic)..Durant injured with 2:11 left in the 3rd. 
That's also 131 seconds left in the 3rd..
Cliff Dixon=57 and died on 21/3.
NBA Finals=57
The NBA Finals=213

So Durant injured on 5/8 which was 49 days after Dixon's death. 
Kevin Durant=49
Oakland=58, 131
Golden State=58
Cliff Paul=49

Alot seems to line up for the Warriors, but I am anxious to see if the script will be flipped like I've been documenting. If it goes to 7 games it will be on the anniversary of the Philadelphia Trainwreck that was synced up the Warriors in 2015. 

Clifford Dixon=68, 139
Kevin Durant=68, 139
He died 6 months 8 days before Durant's bday. 

Cliff Dixon was also 32 years old which is something to note as "Houston"=32(rev red)

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  1. 59 yr old Kurtis Blow who was born in New York, NY in the Year "59" underwent a 2nd Open Heart Surgery that was deemed an "Emergency" (911, 9/11). The Surgery took place in California @ the UCLA Medical Center (59 + 59 = 118).