Thursday, May 9, 2019

Copyright Claim yet again on my D'Cypher and Beartrap Video on the song "Goodbye Forever"

I got another copyright claim today on my old rap project video. Of course it was on the song "Goodbye Forever" yet again on this full album video.  This song has gotten a copyright claim like 4 times on this video all by different claimers and 1 time on the individual music video of the song. 
I can't find where I documented about the individual time because my friend made me delete the post because I showed his matching gematria with his son of 166. His wife got mad about their sons name being on my blog so I deleted it. I have it saved with screenshots somewhere, but since my computer crashed on Halloween I have no idea where to look for it. I remember he made me delete 224 days after my post that was all about Mitch Hedberg and the number 224. I think I even put the post up on 2/24 if I remember correctly. 
This was before I really looked at all the other ciphers as it was around the time of the "Flipping" stuff. 
I see now that my friends nickname is also 224 "Cisco"=224(satanic). 
He actually messaged me the other day asking me about "Phi" as he's reading a book about it. He still doesn't believe in what I have showed him, yet he's finally starting to actually look at it I think. 

A few examples of other claimants on the song....
The Orchard Music..
Tune Core...
Now Golden Dynamic...

Interesting that today is 74 days after 2/24 and also 74 days before the anniversary of this video being on Youtube(7/22). 

It makes me wonder if it's something to do with Sisqo the singer...
I'll have to try and find the post I deleted, because I know it was all about the "Flipping" stuff as my friend was also a nephew of my Uncle Barney. His mom was a sister to Barney's mom was Barney's we aren't related, but both related to Barney. 

2/24 is the day leaving 310 days in the year...

The last Claim I got on this video was on 8/7/18 and in my post I mentioned  alot about 810. 

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