Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Story about the "Murph Challenge"(Michael Murphy) and Memorial Day in relation to signs I had about my Uncle Mike Murphy

I was looking through the Tabs I had pulled up on my computer and one of the stories was about the "Murph" Challenge. I have been so busy that I forgot about the synchronicity I had in regards to this story. 
SNL Synchronicity with my friend Cody-Uncle Mike-Train
On April 4th I blogged about a bunch of synchronicity reminding me of the Train Theme and my Uncle who has the name Mike Murphy died the same day as the 2015 Philadelphia Trainwreck. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=310
It was important because his name never made that much sense to me in gematria compared to all my other uncles/his brothers who died. 
Funny I mentioned a bunch about "86" in that post above and I wrote it the same day we got the Jeff Bezo's divorce which was connected to "86" as well...I just mentioned the importance of it in my last post haha. 
Anyway when I started DJing at the bar on Saturday Night a guy stopped me and asked me how my dad was doing. I then gave him my dads phone number as he said, he graduated with him...and they also used to live together years ago. It turns out his name was Mike Murphy, which stood out to me because of my Uncle with the same name. I thought it was odd my dad even lived with a guy named that...I know a lot of people are probably named that, but still it's strange to me considering I live in a town of about 1,000 people. 
Weird Comment on Old Kobe video-Uncle Mike's Obituary
Also I just documented about finding my Uncle Mike's obituary on a top of a stack of papers on 5/7. 
Another reason I know it's important is because on Sunday while at work I saw the priest who did my Uncle Mike's funeral. He stands out for one because he wears his priest outfit, but for two, he from somewhere in Africa and barely speaks English..on top of there only being a few black people in town. He was with another African priest, and he hasn't been the priest here for a few years...so moral of the story it just stood out to me....I for some reason have a huge memory of him saying my Uncle Mike's name at his funeral because of his accent. I can't type it on this blog, but if I say it outloud you would understand what I am saying. 

So all of this stuff that reminded me of my Uncle Mike happened over the weekend....then I think I saw this story on Monday in the headlines about a guy named Mike Murphy...He's in the military too, which stands out because my Uncle Mike prided himself on being a Marine. He's the only one of his 8 siblings to join the military as well, I believe. I'm trying to think about that, but I'm pretty sure none of them were in the military but him. His daughter Andrea even uses his old military picture on Facebook. 

Murph Challenge=64
Memorial Day=64
Michael Murphy=64

What's funny is that my uncle who died had the birthday of 6/4 as well. 

Plus with all the 86 stuff...remember how Daniel Murphy being traded to the Cubs was important to it. The Billy Goat that cursed the Cubs was named "Murphy". 
Sixty Four=86

Also interesting that it was first put online on 8/18 which is the 230th day. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=230
I wonder what the guy in the story has for a middle name too....It says, Michael P. Murphy? 

The challenge was called "Body Armor" by Murph. 
Body Armor=51, 132
My Uncle died of "Cancer"=132 on the 132nd day of the year. 
Notice "Murph" died 51 days before the video first put online too. 

My Uncles wife had a maiden name that equals "132, 51". 
Everyone called her "Rosa Murphy"=64

Interesting too is that my Uncle's funeral was on 5/16 which was a big number I was talking about in the first blog post I shared above about SNL. 

With all the 86 being important, I'm also wondering about June 8th which is Kanye's bday and connected to a number of things I've documented. It can be written as 8/6 as well. 
Funny it's called that as everyone I know seems to get hammered on Memorial Day too. 

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