Sunday, May 5, 2019

Plane stories in media-Russia Fire-Florida plane of runway-Lion Air-North Korea Missile tests

I don't think it's a coincidence that we got a plane skidding off the runway in Florida and then now we got a Russian Plane fire. 
Remember when Putin had the video which showed off the Russian Military with a clip of missiles hitting Florida? 


The Plane number of 1492 reminds me of Christopher Columbus as well....

It was originally 13 killed and now it's 41...
13th prime is 41. 

Airplane Fire=210, 114
This comes 210 days after Putin's bday. 
World War=114
Kim Jong Un=114
With the end date today is also 156 days before Putin's bday.
World War III=156
156th prime is 911
I talked about a lot of this last year with the Volcano eruption in Hawaii and how it synced to the 114th World Series and the Great American Eclipse of 1918 and 2017. 
The Red Sox won the World series in 1918 and the series was won on 9/11....then they won the 114th World Series. 

I'm thinking about the Kim-Putin meetings on the 115th day of the year before the 115th World Series.

Along with this plane fire we get a story of North Korea doing Missile launches today. 
Putin and Kim Jong Un just met together 10 days ago...
Both are connected to the Wall symbolism with Donald Trump. 
North Korea=125
Today is the 125th day of the year. 

Now CNN is giving us a story of Boeing knowing about problems before Lion Air Crash that was 189 days(end date) ago.....remember 189 people killed. 


  1. Unrelated, but I thought about you when I was watching this video. You'll find it to be in the very least interesting.

  2. You see the one about Luke Perry buried in a Mushroom suit?

    Mushroom = 94 rev ordinal
    Infinity Burial Suit = 94 reduced
    Perry died 94 days after Bush. May 9th is 94 days to 8/11

    There was an episode actually episode two of season 1 of the television series about Hannibal Lecter "Hannibal" where a guy induces comas in people and does an experiment to try and connect them together with fungus...

    Hannibal Lecter = 124 and that story came out on the 124th day.

    I try to stay away from connecting these things to my life but this is broad enough I feel I can share it. We've been watching the Goosebumps movie with Jack Black and it's set in New York near the Tesla Tower. Well there's a Fred's in the movie but Fred's stores are only in the Southeastern U.S. It struck me because I was going to run by Fred's to pick up some duct tape while I was out picking up chinese food for the fam. But anyways they're closing it down apparently.

    I just think about these conspiracy theories about 5G and the cell towers. Who knows?! But yea that movie just came out October 2018

    1. Itss called the Wardenclyffe Tower. How about that for a Cliff? Anyways on the wikipage all that remains it says is a 94x94 foot building. what are the odds?

  3. Reminds me of the film Flight(2012) by Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis on 8th of May (58) that film will be 6 years 6 months and 6 days old. The Wikipedia page encodes 218 in the runtime, Phi in the box office and 227 flight number.

    The plot involves the plane having to roll upside down due to damaged flaps I seem to remember. Hmmm the upside down idea once again. It was supposedly inspired by a real incident but that plane flight 261 crashed killing everyone on board including 83 passengers.

    From the plane crash to the release of that film is almost 666 weeks, cant seem to finesse the figures so I get 665 weeks 4 days.