Sunday, May 19, 2019

Travis Tritt's tour bus crash on same day as Preakness-Old Town Road-Billy Ray Cyrus-Glitch in Gematrinator

The first thing I think of when I hear Travis Tritt is the song "T-R-O-U-B-L-E" where he sings "I smell Trouble". 
His TT initials make me think 2020 like next year..Trouble? 

This story happens 3 months 9 days after his bday. 

His bday of 2/9 or 9/2 sticks out as well considering the song Trouble came out in 92'. 
Also on his wikipedia it says he got media attention in 92' for criticizing Billy Ray Cyrus' song "Achy Breaky Heart". 

This sticks out to me because of the stupid "Old Town Road" song that has been just slammed into people's brains the last 6 months. Billy Ray Cyrus on the Remix...
This bus crash happened on the same day as the Preakness(Horse Race) and we got the story

Horse Race=92

It's interesting I've recently mentioned 5/15 and Billy Ray's bday is 5 months 15 days before Travis Tritt's. 

Old Town Road came out 5 months 15 days before this Bus Crash. 

Something is wrong with the Gematrinator calculator right now as well...I'm getting different values of the same phrases....
I at first noticed "Old Town Road"=138 and Lil Nas X's bday is 138 days before Billy Ray Cyrus and 5/18 the 138th day...but it actually equals 141 if you do it by hand. 
Maybe it's just me and they are messing with me for a reason? 
Man it makes me want to double check everything else now!
Montero Hill=141(double checked)
Gematrinator=141(double checked)
Haha that's great stuff for a glitch or something. 
141st prime is 811...the number connected to American Pharaoh at the 141st Kentucky Derby..

The  Billy Ray Cyrus version came out on 4/5 not 12/3 though..
Old Town Road=57...Cyrus is 57 years old. 
8/10 important to 57 with Slipknot..
Miley Cyrus=57...
Her middle name is "HOPE". 

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  1. I've been withholding this from you because I don't like to mix my personal matrix in with all that's going on but my twin brother has to be one of Garth Brooks biggest fans. He had the boxset and knew every song. Probably still does. But a song that he cherished was "It's A Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt. He knew every word.