Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Synchronicity involving the Alaskan Airline Crash yesterday

So yesterday I was telling my girlfriend about this lady who always seems crabby when she comes in the store I work at. I thought she worked with Jasmine, but she works at a different nursing home. I even found her on Facebook and showed her picture to Jasmine to see if she knew her. I thought maybe her job was just stressful.  Anyway she came in to the store today and seemed a lot happier than usual. She doesn't come in that often either, but it's been 2 days in a row. 
I get off work and go on Facebook and the first thing that comes up is her sons post about being in Alaska. I guess he was on the exact same route and airline of the Alaskan planes that crashed yesterday just the day before. He even has pictures of them in the plane and what not from the day before...
I just wanted to document it as it's just another synchronicity type thing that happens to me all the time in connection to the mainstream media. I don't want to post the names and haven't been doing it as much lately with these because I know how people are. Some people could get all pissed off about a blog post as this, when in reality they should be thinking how what I am documenting is important. 

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  1. Its crazy that people will bitch about how you spend your time decoding. Derek made the video about Syracuse and Jim Boehiem and my family mixed with the wizard of oz and the comments were ridiculous. To me the organic side can teach us lots about this knowledge. You do awesome work! Thanks dude!