Sunday, May 12, 2019

Wrestler "Silver King" dies during London Fight-King-WALL symbolism

Cesar Barron=51
He dies age 51. 
Nacho Libre=51

There has been a lot of KING symbolism within wrestling in the past year...Death of Jerry "The King" Lawler's son....David Arquette in connection to Ready to Rumble and The King....the Crown Jewel...
Vader's real name was Leon which means Lion in connection to the Lion King...

Interesting Silver King would die in London as most of the King symbolism is connected to Prince Charles/Queen Elizabeth II. 

I'm lacking a bit on this guys death as I've never watched "Nacho Libre"...I also didn't watch as much WCW as I did WWE/F when I was younger...

He was the character "Ramses" in Nacho Libre as well...think about the Moses stuff in connection to the Rams being in the Super Bowl....

He died during the match against Juventud Guerrera in which he also wrestled in his highest profile fight in 1998 for the WCW Cruiserweight championship. 

Is it not interesting it tells that Guerrera got unmasked by Chris JERICHO and then Jericho referred to him as Quasi-Juice in reference to the Hunchback of NOTRE DAME? 

Chris Jericho important to the Moses/Wall symbolism as well. 
Think about Guerrera and Silver King being MEXICAN Wrestlers as well. 

May 11th an important day as well in regards to the Mexican-American's the day James K. Polk announced a declaration of War against Mexico. 

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