Monday, April 17, 2017

My Uncle Eddie Murphy in April 2011 Hustler magazine-Space-Moon

I found the Hustler my uncle Eddie Murphy was in. It was April 2011. He won a trip to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. 

The reason I found it was because on Saturday we had a 60th bday party for my dad at the Gold Slipper. I had a gig later that night, so I loaded up all my speakers/gear before hand. My clothes were in the dryer so I loaded them up in the car with just some mesh shorts I found in our basket of clean clothes. While outside my uncle Donnie drove by and honked at me, so when I got to the Slipper I asked Donnie if he likes my sexy body or what? As I was saying this, my uncle Eddie walked up and I told Donnie that I think the older I get I just don't care about being half naked in public. Then Uncle Ed said, well my naked body is all over the world, so I really don't care. So I asked him what issue it was and he told me all about it again. He won a date with Cami Parker, the covergirl on Hustler August 2010 and so on. 
What a perfect situation to find out what issue without having to just blatantly ask him though. 

So I'm thinking to myself....the MOONlite Bunny Ranch? 
I decided I would check out my uncles Facebook as I wanted to see what his bday is. 
Anyway I scroll through some of his posts...he hasn't posted since 11/7/16 but in the 1st 5 posts I see stuff that reminds me of the Moon. This above picture(about Apollo 11) and also there's a question he answered about "What is your Dark Side"?. 

Over 53 Million households and 530 million people worldwide watched the moon landing of Apollo 11.
Apollo Eleven=53(reduced)
Moon Landing=53(rev reduced)

How interesting as Uncle Eddie was 53 years old when he was in Hustler. Born on 8/27/57. 

53 is a number I mentioned a while back in regards to my moms side of the family. 
They grew up in "Ralston, Nebraska"=53
My Uncle Mike and Kelly's death days are 5 months 3 days apart. 
Kelly died age 53. 
Barney born in 53'
At the time my mom was 53 years old. 

How interesting my mom is 5 years 5 months 3 days younger than Eddie. Also 1982 days...
I was born in 1982. 
82 also a big number in regards to the Moon stuff. 

The night I first started looking for the Hustler Magazine with my Uncle Eddie was 53 days after my moms bday. The Eddie Murphy film "Life" was on just after I posted about the new space film called "Life". 

I also find it interesting that I started looking up this magazine 134 days after my bday, and I found out what issue it was 134 days before my uncles bday. 
Apollo Eleven=134
Edward Murphy=156 and I found out 156 days after my bday. 

Larry Flynt even supposedly was the radar operator on the USS Enterprise and was on duty when they had to recover John Glenn's space capsule.
The Star Trek. 

Edward John Murphy=203
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

I have to go to work soon, but will probably look more into Larry Flynt when I get home. 

Funny too I find out just the day before Easter. He went to the Bunny Ranch. 

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