Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Man Climbs the Eiffel Tower-Trump Tower Climber-Spiderman August 10th-IM Pei and the Louvre Pyramid-2019 World Expo in China

More France stories in the media..
I mentioned the Eiffel Tower in regards to Slipknot just the other too. 
I Fell Tower...
This story also reminds me about the kid who climbed Trump Tower on 8/10...2016..remember they were calling him Spiderman and Spiderman's bday is 8/10....in the past year we had the death of Stan Lee and just a few days ago got the story of his ex-manager committing elder abuse against him......What's so interesting is that in my post about the Trump Tower Climber, it was the first time I mentioned the connection to the French Revolution and August 10th. 

Also interesting on 5/16 we got the death of I.M. Pei who designed the Louvre Pyramid. 
IM Pei=227(satanic) also 34, 29
8/10 all about 227 with France. 
France=29, 34
Ieoh Ming Pei=110, 187
Paris France=110, 187
Also dying age 102 in New York reminds me of 9/11. 

The Louvre Pyramid being made with Glass also sticks out considering the film "Glass" and the synchroncities I've had with it. Possibly nothing, but a long time ago I documented on this blog about the song "Through Glass" by Corey Taylor/Stone Sour that might be important. 

I just looked up the girl I'm training with the last name "French" on Facebook too. Of course her bday is November 13th which is the day of the Paris attacks in 2015. Just after Pope Francis arrived in America on the anniversary of the French Republic. It was 52 days or 1 months 22 days...
Pope Francis=122
France=47...8/10 to his bday is 4 months 7 days. 

The Paris Attacks in 2015 were 2 months 23 days after the Thalys Train Attack...Napoelone di Buonaparte=223 and it was in the 223rd year of the French Republic. 
Also on "Friday the Thirteenth"=223

IM Pei being Chinese is also interesting as the 2019 World Expo is in China right now. Remember the Eiffel Tower built for the 1889 Expo in France....the US had an 1889 Expo in Buffalo which stands out because William McKinley was assassinated at the Expo in Buffalo in 1901...He was killed by LEON(Lion) Frank(France) Czolgosz who was born on 5/5....anniversary of French Revolution beginning and Napoleon's death. 
25th president....."Trump"=25
Been over this before I believe. 
Plus Obama and the LION stuff is interesting as the Philando Castile and Alton Sterling stuff was all synced to the death of McKinley and Obama giving the speech at McKinley HS in Baton Rouge..

Also the new Spiderman film is coming out on 7/2/19....JFK met the Pope on 7/2 before being assassinated..
7/2 also important to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 


  1. 7/2/19 next total solar eclipse

  2. New Orleans Louisiana = 227

  3. It's weird you mentioned the pope, well not weird since France has a big role to play this year,but yesterday Zach mentioned the Pope, oddly enough, in one of his videos about the runner who died (how many more athletes, especially runners, are going to die this year?).

    So when he mentioned Pope John Paul l in the video, I looked up some information. Here's what I found:

    Were you talking about the death of Pope John Paul l? If so, I did some more digging. Not too much came up with his numbers, except one of them was the 44th prime. Also, odd, something not done before is that the sisters were permitted in the morning mass. (There were several things not done before during his brief papacy.) One of the sisters set out his coffee, and after ten minutes decided something was wrong and went to his bedroom to investigate. I found it odd that only after ten minutes she decided something was wrong, and I found it strange that she didn't consider that perhaps he was in the bathroom or had maybe something else to do. The sister who left the coffee had 322 number which is 223 flipped.

    Supposedly, at 5:15 a.m. the sister had noted he had not touched his coffee. Pope John Paul ll was elected as pope at 5:15 p.m. 10/16/78.

    1. Also strange is that the wikipedia article mentioned the whole name of one of the nuns but only the last name of the nun who set out the coffee.

  4. Also strange is Wikipedia lists the full nun's name's birth year (b. 1941). That in itself is very strange to do so. It didn't list any other side person's year of birth and not the other nun's birth year.

  5. Just noticed something interesting. the 8th month of the Bahai calendar is August 1 - August 19. So all those dates are the same on the Gregorian and Bahai calendar. The Bahai Calendar is a calendar of 19 months 19 days each. Probably the most famous Bahai is Rainn Wilson from the office.