Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Royal Baby "Archie" born on 5/6-Nascar-Prince Charles

I've been pondering the reason for the Royal Birth on 5/6 other than "Royal Family"=56. 
It has to be the connection to Nascar that I was talking about with Princess CHARLOTTE who was born on 5/2. 
Now all this Nascar coding going on again "Archie" born on 5/6. 
Nascar=52, 56

It's interesting Charlotte born 4 years and 4 days before Archie as well. 
Dale Jr. is 44 years old...this upcoming Charlotte race will be the 44th anniversary of Dale Sr.s first race..
Many other 44's. 

Meghan Markle shares a bday with Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, and the date Talladega Nights came also is perfect with the WALL symbolism as the date is 8/4 or 4/8. 
The Royal Family would write it as 4/8. 
Plus Charles' Super connected to 48. 

Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor=192
Notice he was born 192 days before Prince Charles bday. 
They told us his name 190 days before Charles bday.
King Charles=190

The only connection I can see to recent racers with Archie is the team "Go Fas Racing" who is partially owned by Archie St. Hilaire. 
Go Fas...reminds me of Talladega Nights...Go FAST...
Go Fas=48
Go Fas Racing=55
Corey LaJoie=55, 118

Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor=159
Prince Harry's bday is 15/9. 
Notice he was born 132 days before Harry's bday. 
Princess Diana=132
Diana died 132 days after Elizabeth's bday. 
United States of America=132
House of Mount Batten Windsor=132
Elizabeth became queen 132 days after the Jesuit anniversary.
Catholic Church=132

I've also talked about the LION theme and in regards to the Royal Family...Queen Elizabeth II's mother was Elizabeth Bowes-LYON....her bday was 8/4 as well. 
She died in the year after 9/11 along with Princess Margaret..
Obama born on 8/4 and he is the Lion King...

I really cannot think of many people with the name Archie either, but I thought it was funny when I looked up Archie Manning. His bday is the wedding anniversary of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 
He wore numbers 8 and 4? 
May 16th to 19th are all interesting days in connection to Nascar and so on that I've mentioned as well. 

Archibald Moonlight Graham from Field of Dreams sticks out too...


  1. Bro, he was born at 5:26. Indianapolis 500 is on 5/26

  2. Same day as the Charlotte Motor Speedway Race. Logan Lucky

  3. Born on Jason Witten's 37th bday.
    Witten came back from retirement 2/28.
    Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor = 228.
    Archie reminds me of Archie Comics.
    2 TV shows I know of right now, 'Riverdale' based from Archie comics,main character named Archie.
    'Sabrina' the 2nd Archie comics TV show.
    P.S. - Country House won 'Kentucky Derby' = 56. Country House makes me think of the cottage that Prince Henry & Meghan Markle live in named i think 'Frogmore Cottage'. Is this a connection?
    Also, check this out...Prince Henry was exactly 415m of age on 4/15/2019 the day of Notre Dame fire. That was the same day Season 8 of Game of Thrones premiered.
    Notre Dame cathedral fire = 408.
    Game of Thrones = 408.
    Dallas Cowboys have 408 franchise losses.
    Jason Witten came back from retirement 9m 1w 1d before Cowboys' 911th season game 12/5/2019 vs Chicago Bears.
    Julian Assange 42nd bday was 9m 1w 1d before arrest. His length of asylum was exactly 347 weeks.
    I think its 'National Football League SuperBowl fifty four' = 347 or maybe its 'National Football League SuperBowl LIV' = 347.
    New England Patriots = 347.
    Patriots Cowboys SB54??

  4. ARCHIE ANDREWS=223 from the archie comics and riverdale

  5. Hey Dan,
    How about ex-Saint Archie Manning(#8),inducted into the hall of fame in '88, and father of QB Peyton(Broncos) and QB Eli(Giants), who will be turning 70 years old 13 days after little Archie was born. From May 6th to SBLIV is 8 months 27 days ....that's your 827 number!
    May 6th is the 126th day with 239 remaining. August 27th is the 239th day with 126 remaining.