Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Synchronicity with "Glass" while looking up article about Justice Breyer

I just went to CNN and I saw this story about Justice BREYER...I thought this was interesting as the person we are buying the new house from has this same last name.."Breyer". I wasn't for sure and wanted to look at the PDF of the loan agreement to make sure. (It is Breyer, with the exact spelling too). 
His name equals 70 and his currently 70 years old too. 
I don't know him and it's the only person I know of in this small town that has the name as well. Plus the house stuff has been on my mind a lot recently. 
I was looking at my downloads folder and I saw this weird looking thumbnail for a video and clicked on it. 

It was a clip I made on my phone apparently of the film "Glass". 
Just as I opened this up and realized it was from the film "Glass" the tv said the word "Glass". Netflix was still playing and it was Claire's favorite show "Trollhunters". 

Justice Breyer has the same bday as Napoleon(227th day)

Justice Stephen Breyer=94
This story comes 94 days before his bday. 

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