Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Native American story that's similar to Elizabeth Warren's supposed story and why October 15th was an important date for the story-Time connections-Baby symbolism?

A few things I forgot to document yesterday that I think are important. 
Yesterday at work I had a guy leave what I thought was his debit card on the counter and left before I could get it to him. I didn't know him, so I went back and looked at the card realizing it was a Gift card that he wanted me to throw away. Anyway what I thought was funny is that his last name was "Beerman" and the card also said Anheuser on it. So thought it was funny in regards to the Beer stuff I've documented. 

Also yesterday I talked about the connection to Trump calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" and Prince Harry announcing a baby on the way. 
What's funny to me is that Elizabeth Warren and I have a similar experience in regards to being told we are part native american. When I was younger my uncle told me that my grandma Murphy was 1/4 Cherokee. She's from Chattanooga, TN originally and I always thought I was 1/16. She had some attributes that seemed to make sense with it as well to me.  I really have no idea if she really was and after reading about it over the years I guess many people have traces back or think they do to being Cherokee. She also didn't know as her mom who was supposedly Half Cherokee died when my grandma was a baby. Also her father died before she 10 and she was raised by her brother.  Anyway I remember telling my friends this when I was younger and they didn't believe me because I am the whitest person they know. They used to call me Chief Whooping Crane Behrenbi for sometime because of it. Behrenbi came from the name on my Fake ID that I changed with the eye dropper tool in MS paint. Anyway I just thought that was funny and even better the Gematria of my grandma's name is fitting. 
Ellie Murphy=63
Ellie Ruth Murphy=211
Chattanooga Tennessee=211
6/3 leaves 211 days in the year. 
She died 307 days after the Chattanooga Bus Crash. 
307 is the 63rd prime number. 

 Yesterday..10/15 was also an important day in regards to my family. It was the day my Uncle Kelly died and also my brothers birthday. Kelly was the first of my Grandma Murphy's kids to die...remember he died 1,440 days before my grandma and his full name equals 1,440(Jewish). 
Kelly Charles Murphy=88 and 1440(Jewish)
Joseph John Behrendt=88...(my brother) Also born in 88'. 
Remember 88 makes 4 circles of 360 degrees for a total of 1,440. 
There's 1440 minutes in a Day. 
2 sets of 12 hours. 
Forty Four=144
Ellie Murphy=63, 144
El Lie....El is the keeper of Time. 
Think about the 211 above too. 
47th prime is 211. 

Yesterday was also my brothers 30th bday and he also had a new son this year..or "Baby"=30. 
Death of my grandma-neighbor-North Korea-Time

Intersting too that in one of the posts I mentioned about the "Time" stuff I also made a point about the word "Baby" haha. 
I also talked about 911....
Chattanooga Tennessee=911(satanic)
It's a place I've been watching out for a while because of this..

Remember too at the funeral of Clancy and my Grandma the priest said that they are no longer bound by Time and Time doesn't exist in the dimension they are now in. Of course we know why he said that because that's what the Church stems back to, but just thinking about it again because I mentioned it at work earlier today. The opportunity came about to drop some knowledge today and I told them how it's about "Time" and the priest saying this at Clancy's funeral. So odd that I even brought it up today and I'm documenting all of this now bringing back the memory. 
I swear though it's impossible to drop this knowledge to most people, because they just seem to shut off. They act like it's the hardest thing in the world to explain and always tell me I'm too smart. It's why I don't usually say anything, because there's just too much to explain to make them understand, and most don't have the attention to listen unless they really want to. You can't explain Gematria to someone who doesn't even realize why there is an Eye above a pyramid on the dollar bill and so on..Gematria in my experience can only be explained to someone who is already aware of things such as this. 

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