Monday, October 29, 2018

New TV Show "God Friended Me" all about Signs from God and following the Grand Design

The other day I was watching the new Big Bang Theory on After it was over I quit paying attention to it, but I never shut off the website. It started playing some new TV show called "God Friended Me". I watched a tiny bit of it and had to leave so I couldn't finish it. 
Anyway it's this show about an atheist with a podcast and he later gets a friend request from "God" on his phone. It's similar to the show "Touch" as he's getting these signs from God and following the pattern pretty much...
For example he first gets a friend request and he sees the picture that "God" uses is a Cloud. He looks at the sky and sees that exact same Cloud in the sky. Then he gets a friend suggestion from God that he doesn't know. Then seconds later the guy suggested accidently bumps into him. 

Miles Finer=61(Main Character)
Brandon Hall=61(his real name)
Church=61=Jesus=Cross=Time=Sins=Holy Spirit=Bull

Cara Bloom=55

Miles is also making a presentation for SIRIUS in regards to his Podcast...
They mention technology as well. 

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