Saturday, October 13, 2018

The film Hocus Pocus was on while I wrote my last blog post about CAT-Screamin Jay HAWKINS

What's funny is I just made a post about the CAT Report on Inside the eye Live radio...I look up at the TV and the film Hocus Pocus is on....the first thing I think of when seeing this movie is the Black CAT named Binx...I've associated the movie with the CAT because a long time ago I noticed a Mandela Effect thing for me in regards to the movie. I also just a few weeks ago had synchronicity with Hocus Pocus in reference to the same thing lol. The Cat is named "Thackery Binx"...I swear it was Zachery Binx my whole life. I don't ever remember his name sounding like it has a lisp with it, but who knows. I will never be able to prove it either way, but I've always found it interesting because the Mandela Effect seems real on some things. I just don't cover it for the same reason I don't cover Flat Earth. 
Think about how this started because of Zach going on the radio show too. 

Also after typing that post my cat Snowball kept jumping up on the chair and trying to sit on my lap. As I'm typing she is now on my back. I don't know what it is about the cats in my house but they seem to love me more than anyone else in the house. They could sit on anyone else, but they always annoy me instead lol. 

Hocus Pocus=41, 59, 140
Thackery Binx=59, 140

My girlfriend pointed out to me that she saw a thing on Facebook about the actor who portrays Thackery Binx is McGee on NCIS. She loves NCIS and the Crime shows is why she thought it was funny. Interesting he will be 41 years old after Halloween this year. 
Sean Harland Murray=104

Also the major song in this film is the remake of "I put a spell on you" originally by Screamin Jay Hawkins. Notice he was from Cleveland....also funny how I just randomly blogged and made a video about Robert HAWKINS. 
Also remember Beyonce's Drummer said Beyonce put a Spell on her Cat. 
He died age 70...
Haven't won a World Series in 70 years. 

It's also interesting to me that he died 5 months 6 days after his bday in a NON leap year. It's actually 5 months 7 days because of the leap year. Doesn't that remind you of Robert Hawkins shooting up the Westroads Mall 163 days after his bday, but because of the leap year it was 164? 
Robert Hawkins=163
Jalacy Hawkins=56
I Put a Spell on You came out in 56'. 
Screamin Jay Hawkins=104

Black Cat=163

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  1. Nevada became the 36th state on Halloween 1864. 666 the 36th triangular