Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Synchronicity with Family Guy and the Red Sox just after they defeated the Yankees-South Park's new Child Molesting Priest episode

I was able to get on the computer a bit ago and I figured I'd turn on the Red Sox vs Yankees game and watch the bottom of the 9th inning. 
After the game was over the announcers were talking about how everything lined up the Red Sox Pitcher..I think they were talking about Rick Porcello. After they said that, they of course said, but the Yankees almost Flipped the Script...they say this all the time yet people still have no idea the games are scripted. 
Rick Porcello=187
New York Yankees=187
They lose on 10/9. 

Anyway the real reason for the post is because just minutes after the game was over I randomly look up at the TV and see Lois on Family Guy dressed up in Red Sox gear haha. 
It's funny too as my best friend texted me this morning asking me if I had watched the new season of South Park. I told him, I watched the first episode and it was ok, but not great. All day I have been thinking about an old video I made about South Park and the Boston Bombing. It was season 11 episode 114. 
South Park=114

It's interesting that episode was a parody of the tv show "24"...remember the show that the first black president get assassinated when he's out of office. Remember the president is played by actor Dennis Haysbert who is Cerrano on the film Major League(Indians). 
Dennis Haysbert=64, 163
Barack Hussein Obama=64, 163
Dennis Dexter Haysbert=239
Black President=239

Hilarious how the newest episode is about Priests and molestation too. I had no idea until now. Got to watch it now as it's been important to what I have been documenting. 
It's the 289th episode too. 
Dan Behrendt=289(Jewish) and 202. 
This comes 202 episodes after the 87th episode of South Park. 
Remember all the synchronicity I had with the 87th episode about priests molesting kids? 
Catholic Priests=87
Red Hot Catholic Love=87
I was watching the film Spotlight that night while it happened. Spotlight about the 87 molesting priests in BOSTON. 
My friend Pam called me 87 minutes after starting the blog post about the synchronicity and her name equals 87. 
Youtube changing my thumbnail to Father Howard 624 days after I put the picture online. 
It's season 22 episode 2 which is funny in regards to Cleveland that is in it's 222nd year being founded. Rocky Colavito born on the 222nd day of the year. 
Rocky Colavito=624
The episode came out on 10/3. 
Child Molesting Priests=103
Curse of Rocky Colavito=103
The Indians lose to the 103 win Astros on 10/8. The Red Sox had 108 wins. 
Cleveland beat the Red Sox in the 1 game playoff before beating the Boston Braves in the 1948 World Series. 
I wonder if we might get a major false flag in Cleveland soon when thinking about how it connects to the Boston Bombing. We will see. 
Trump also has the big connection to Cleveland...Grover Cleveland died on 6/24. 

What's funnier yet is that today my old friend from high school named Clark came into the store. I haven't seen him in like 10 years and he was in the store and visited with the farmers for a while. If you go back and look at my Father Fitzgerald/USS Fitzgerald post I mentioned Clark. When he moved to town he lived in the same house Betty Fitzgerald lived in and some other Jesuit connections. 

The video I made where they changed the thumbnail came just after I made a video about the Cubs and Indians being connected to Israel declaring it's independence in the year 48'. 
Trump won the biggest election upset since 48'
He won just before the closest super moon since 48'. 
The Jews identify with the Moon. 
Think about Trump and the Western Wall...the Ginger Cow..I just read Zach's post about the Trump Third Temple coin as well. 

Remember a while back I had the synchronicity reading the Book of says the richest King(Trump) will divide the people and the next King is when it all goes bad. 

I posted the blog about the film Spotlight/South Park 510 days before the World Series begins this year. 
Red Sox=510
Remember this number was important to North Korea/JFK stuff. 

Also in light of the Father stuff...remember I had synchronicity with the film "Bruce Almighty" when documenting about the USS Fitzgerald story. It was the 7th fleet with 7 missing and a story the day before about a sailor missing on a different ship for 7 days. Think about what I just documented about with all the 7's in the film. 7th floor at 7....all the rooms are 7...he works at channel 7....
The 7th prime is 17...
Yahweh in Hebrew looks like 717. 
Sam pointed out to me about Morgan Freeman also being in the film called "Seven" that I have never seen. 
Bruce Nolan=42
They were showing us the ladder to the light. Bruce becomes God/Like God. 

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