Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Campbell's Soup George Soros Story on CNN-Hurricane Willa-World Series all coded with 154

I just made Chili and sat down to watch the World Series. I go to CNN and I see this story about Campbell's soup. What's hilarious to me is that I was just telling my girlfriend how the secret to how I like Chili is because the lady I work with uses "Campbell's Tomato Juice". 
Also interesting that..."Campbells"=231(Jewish)
The World Series has the Red Sox who were in the 1918 World Series that popularized standing during the National Anthem. 
National Anthem=231(reverse)
I was also thinking earlier in regards to Los Angeles that there might be a connection to Hurricane Willa and I knew that 
"Natural Disasters"=231

Campbell's Soup=154
George Soros=154
Hurricane Willa=154
Boston Red Sox=154

Funny too I didn't document about this number, but I wanted to as it was connected to the Freddie stuff...
Freddie Mercury=154
Remember Super Bowl 50 had all the connections to 154 as well. 
Levi's Stadium=154=Denver Broncos who finished the season 15-4. 
Native Americans=154

Notice the story of Hurricane Willa has the story of 6 children dead 12 ill in New Jersey. Campbell's is headquarted in New Jersey too....The 6 and 12 stand out to me though as remember that was a big Earthquake number....Also important to Trump visiting Korea and HW Bush's bday....

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