Sunday, October 28, 2018

Article about Rajon Rondo's plan to FORGE a Tie-Tobias FORGE-King Arthur Forged Excalibur in Glastonbury

I just went to to see what time the MLB game starts tonight. I then went to the NBA tab to look at the Lakers....I see in the headlines it mentions Rondo and in the title is has the word "FORGE". It just seems like a weird word to put in their and not too long ago I was trying to figure out the exact meaning of that word...the reason was because King Arthur "Forged" the sword at Glastonbury..I didn't know if that meant pulled it from the stone or if he shaped the metal of the sword....I still do not know for sure as I've found the word used both ways...for example reading about the Ocarina of Time and it mentions Link forged the sword from the stone...

It's also interesting as I just made a post involving the band "Ghost" and the lead singer and only guy you can look up on wikipedia from the band..his name is Tobias FORGE.
His bday is 3/3...

Another thing about that show TrollHunters is that they basically use off of the King Arthur legend...The amulet is made by Merlin who gets frozen in Time until they unfreeze him. Then you find out that it all goes back to the evil Morgana.....Morgana is confusing as well to me because some say she was loved by Merlin and others say she was King Arthurs greatest enemy....but regardless that show is connected to this theme. 

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