Friday, October 12, 2018

Gematria Effect Caller from Omaha about the West Roads Mall Shooting-Synchronicity in my 2014 video on the topic

I'm listening to the Gematria Effect that was on this week right now and someone called in from Omaha, Nebraska. It stuck out to me because it's one of the first people from Omaha to call in and it's the area of the world that I live in. I pretty much identify with Omaha although I live about an hour away in Iowa. Haha seriously and the guy called back in again to be the last caller of the night too. 

Anyway this person mentioned the Von Maur shooting which I've covered a few different times such...12+5+20+7=44
The shooters name was Robert Hawkins and the shooting happened 44 days before the film Cloverfield came out with the main character of the same name. 
Robert Hawkins=80(rev red), 163
Omaha Nebraska=80
The shooting came 163 days before Hawkins bday(Non leap year)
A bunch more..
The 38th prime is 163. 

Something I just discovered was that the shooting was also 4 months 4 days after the Westroads Mall opened on 8/1. 
Westroads Mall=81(rev red)

Anyway the only reason I'm even making this post is because I've recently documented about Robert Kennedy and I remembered the actor who played Robert Hawkins in Cloverfield also played Robert Kennedy in the film "LBJ". 
I've also recently had synchronicity with Family Guy where they were spoofing "24" in which the first black president dies. 
Cloverfield 24 Post
In the link above I also mentioned the TV show "24" in regards to Robert Hawkins and Cloverfield. 
Remember the film Cloverfield had the connections to Donald Trump as well. The film ends on 5/23..which in 2008 was the 144th day of the year. 
Forty Four=144
Trump the 44th person to be president. 
Obama the 44th president. 
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
Normally 5/23 is the 143rd day...
The Westroads Mall shooting was at 1:43...he originally walked in the store at 1:36 then left and came back in the store 6 minutes later..then started shooting at 1:43 for 6 minutes. took the police 6 minutes to get there. 6 Von Maur employees were killed...6 injured. They told us Hawkins was taking therapy and medication since he was 6 years old. The Mall is on Dodge Street which is also Hwy 6.  In the Cloverfield movie it follows 6 New Yorkers at a going away party. 
Westroads Mall video from 2014
What's funny too as I went back and watched the old video I did on this it was all about synchronicity. 
I put the video out on 11/ the wiki page it mentions how Robert Hawkins was in trouble with the law on 11/24 just before the shooting. Also the only founder of the company that had a wiki page who owned the Westroads mall died on 11/24...also the worst mass killer in Nebraska before Hawkins was Charles Starkweather who was born on 11/24. 
Moral of the story is that when I first started doing a lot of this stuff it was because I was noticing the patterns with my own life in connection to other's why I still talk about it, because it is big piece and needs to be addressed. We're not going to stop people from using this knowledge to rule over  us without understanding how it all works and how to create positive things with it. We can document about how it's coded everyday, but if we don't learn to use it, it's really doing us no good. I keep documenting about it however because I hope that with enough minds and studying eventually we will figure it out. 

What are the odds that I started writing this blog post up on 10/11 too. Which is 44 days before 11/24. The only reason I didn't finish it before midnight was because I went back and watched my old video and information and just brainstorming on it. 

Also the company that currently owns the Westroads Mall was founded just 44 days ago. 

I wonder if we get another big story like this in the Omaha area again soon. I've mentioned this a few times in the past year and it's interesting that Trump was just in Council Bluffs, Iowa(across the river from Omaha) on 10/9. 
Omaha Nebraska=109

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  1. 11/24 is 11 years 310 days after the original films release date 1/18/2008