Tuesday, October 23, 2018

James Earl Jones Celebrity Death Hoaxed in August 2015-"86" and the World Series-Jim Carrey Finger-117-624

I was thinking at work today about the Red Sox stuff I had documented over the Summer. Remember there was a big thing in regards to James Earl Jones that was connected to the Red Sox. In Field of Dreams they take his character to the Red Sox game and it was showing us the 1989 Earthquake World Series too(see previous posts). 
I thought it was for the Indians because in 2016 there was a connection to Field of Dreams and Kevin Costner. This time is was more with James Earl Jones though. Also the Sandlot where he is friends with Babe Ruth and what not...
Anyway I thought I would look up James Earl Jones and see if he has been sick or anything recently and I found this article on CNN about him getting Celebrity Death Hoaxed in August 2015. How funny is that? This was the same month that Donald Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair and we had all the Batman deaths that month. Plus it was just months after Kanye sang at Glastonbury and so on...

Remember too how the Finger symbolism was connected to the Indians and a big piece was Jim Carrey....
Carrey and James Earl Jones both born on 1/17 like my son Zamien. So their bdays are 6 months 24 days after 6/24 and also 6 months 24 days before Rocky Colavito's bday. 

I know this is important too because look at the TWEET that CNN put in this article....it's by a user named "CatS". 
Jim Carrey=48
James Earl Jones=48
Kanye West=48
Donald Trump=48
Remember how I did the post in regards to Vader dying and I showed the connection to James Earl Jones and also the film Bruce Almight? Vader had girlfriend named "Grace Connelly" just like Bruce Almighty's girlfriend. 
August 10th next year has a lot of interesting things...


Funny talking about all the 86 in the previous post as well....
Today is 86 days before 1/17...
The World Series begins tonight(10/23) as well. 

I saw on Zach's blog that the Red Sox have won 8 World Series and the Dodgers have won 6 as well. So 86 is an important number for sure with this series. 

Something else I just noticed...
Dan Behrendt=480(satanic), 202(reverse)
San Francisco=202(reverse)

Remember Vader played with the RAMS in the Super Bowl as well. 
Death of Big Van Vader-James Earl Jones-Jim Carrey

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  1. The last time the red Sox lost a world series was '86. If they lose this year their World Series record will be 8-6.