Sunday, October 28, 2018

Synchronicity over the weekend-TrollHunter's Conspiracy-The Band "Ghost"-Pet Sematary-Queen Elizabeth II-The Big Lebowski-Gabriel

It's been a long couple of days with work and band gigs that I haven't had time to document things. I just got off work yet again though and don't work until tomorrow so finally time to document some stuff. It's funny I love my job, but hate having to be there all the time. I wish I had more time to just do this research. Then at the same time...sometimes I get inspiration from going to work....if I didn't go to work or wherever else during the day I wouldn't be able to see the signs that I do in a way it's awesome to have things going on, yet there's just not enough time to document....

Anyway on Friday before I went to Omaha I sitting here looking at my info and what not and I heard the TV start talking about "conspiracy". I was looking at my info on Alex Jones and Pink as well which was important to Conspiracy Theory. Then later on right as I was looking at the phrase "There You Go" the same character on the TV said, "There You Go"....I know it's important. I'm pretty sure it's verifying to me that something I am talking about is going to happen soon...The TV show is TrollHunters on daughters favorite show. 

So after the gig on Friday I didn't get home until about 5am and then had to work at 9am. Then right when I got off work I had to go play another Halloween party at an older guys house in Omaha. We played there last year as well and pretty much everyone dresses up and has a good time. 
Anyway I made a toilet costume out of cardboard and duct tape, but it was really top heavy and choking me while I played guitar most of the night. The guy putting on the party kept trying to convince me to take it off and just wear a mask he had. I told him, nope I don't care if it's choking me I'm sticking out this costume.....So as the night was almost over he was telling me about the mask. I guess it's from this band called "Ghost". Looking them up today at work on my phone I see what his costume was now too. He was the lead singer of the band Ghost. I didn't understand his costume, I just thought he was the Pope or something. Now I see he was supposed to be Pope Emeritus of the band "Ghost". 
It's just funny as remember there was a "Ghost" theme connected to the "Pink" stuff as well so I knew it was important. I looked up the band and I see their first single was called "Elizabeth"....something big I have been talking about is Queen Elizabeth/The Royal Family again lately. 

This bands gimic is famous too as it's all about worshipping Satan. 
Tobias Forge=54
Papa Emeritus=54

I got home around 2am last night after this party and my girlfriend was up trying to watch "Annabelle". For some reason it wouldn't work and then she randomly said, let's watch "Pet Sematary". We talked about this movie a while back as she has never seen it, and I haven't watched it in years. We also watched "Children of the Corn" not too long ago as well for the same reason. 
So I found Pet Sematary and my girlfriend wanted to smoke on the front porch before watching it. 
When she turned on the light there was a dead baby kitten right in front of the door....We had 4 kittens here from a while back, but they all started dying. 2 of them a while ago and 1 of them not too long ago. Jasmine put the cat in a box and we were going to take it out with the trash on Tuesday. I brought the other cat inside as it didn't seem as sick, but it died today now. 

So moral of the story...we were going to watch Pet Sematary and then she finds a dead kitten right in front of the door that was in a box on the front porch. I'm assuming the mom had moved it by the door? Jasmine moved it back to the box and then today when I left for work...I opened the door and the dead kitten was sitting right in front of the door again lol. I figured I'd check out the film Pet Sematary as it can't be a coincidence. 

Anyway notice how Pet Sematary came out the same day as "Field of Dreams" in 1989? This also just so happened to be Queen Elizabeth's 63rd bday. 

I remembered I had a post that involved the Pet Cemetary in Missiouri Valley, Iowa from a long time ago and I looked it up. 
I talked a lot about GABRIEL in that post. I started thinking how Gabriel=135 like "Golden Gate Bridge"=135 and I looked at the time and it just so happened to be 1:35. 
haha and my phone was at 45%..
Gabriel=45(rev red) and 135(reverse)

It's funny too as the "Ghost" theme involved Sam and he just recently did a video on the number 7. The reason it's funny is because I mentioned the number 7 a lot with the Gabriel stuff....the film "Rings" they have the group called "The Sevens"....also 7 days till the girl kills you. Saturns 7 main ring groups.Saturday the 7th day...7 Arch Angels..The film Arrival about the "Ring language" is about the 7 limbed aliens. 
L upside is a 7...
7th prime is 17. 
It makes sense why God rested on the 7th day. Plus Genesis 7 all about "7". 

I wonder if Gabriel Iglesias is getting ready to be sacrificed? He's currently 42 years old....synced up to the fat comedian thing...
Gabriel Iglesias=135
Iglesias=135 and 231(Jewish)
Angel Gabriel=231
National Anthem=231
I put my video out about Fat Comedians on the 231st day of the year...Ralphie May dies 231 days after his bday of "Cardiac Arrest"=231
The Big Lebowski=231
Remember the Ralphie May stuff connected to John Goodman who was in the Big Lebowski and was "King Ralph....

To make it even better on Friday night I went to the "Underwood" bar with our singer as his girlfriend was bartending. Also my friend Cody was there after our gig...I noticed they have a bunch of "The Big Lebowski" Pictures on the wall. Then our Drummer last night had a costume on and a group of us were trying to figure out who he was. It turns out he was the character "JESUS" on the Big Lebowski. 
Think about Gabriel JESUS Iglesias...
Church...Iglesias means Church..
Think about the San Francisco as well in regards to the Church of Satan and the band "Ghost". 

Remember too when Jesus returns there is a great Earthquake. 

I'm not Fat I'm Fluffy=196
Gabriel Iglesias 196th day in a non leap year. 

In my post about Ralphie May dying in Las Vegas I mentioned a lot of 196. 

Also I noticed a big thing with the Pet Cemetary thing in my old post about Gabriel was my girlfriend having a miscarriage. Funny as just a second ago she ate a bunch of food and said she needed her belly rubbed. I joked and said why did the Baby kick? Then she said, "You didn't check in the trash did you"? I was like no why?...I guess she took a pregnancy test earlier but isn't pregnant, but she thought I saw it in the trash haha. 

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  1. What about Jeff Garlin? Was watching PARANORMAN the other night wondering who voiced Norman's father. Then we put on Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler and there was Jeff Garlin in the movie who I had just found out voiced Norman's father.