Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bombs sent to Time Warner Center-Clinton, Obama in relation to the Time Warner AT&T Merger approval on 6/12-Jesuits-JFK-LEON-Royal Family

Today we get the story of a bombing going to the Clinton's and Barack Obama. It's funny as I've been saying that there is a connection to the first black president being assassinated AFTER office. I just made a video about all the 86 stuff last night too and I talked about how there is a connection to Trump and Obama and I thought in 2015 Obama might possibly be assassinated....Now I wake up to this story lol. 

This story comes 81 days or 2 months 20 days after Obama's 8/4 bday. 
Remember 220 is a big number with the Jesuits....
Bomb=84(Jewish)...O Bomb A. 
Donald John Trump=220
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days or 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary last year. 
Jesuits founded when the 220th Pope was Pope and he died age 81. 
The 220th Pope also fully excommunicated Henry VIII who was married to the daughter of Isabella I who financed Christopher Columbus...
Cristobal Colon=220...he died 220 days after the anniversary of discovering america. 
A bunch of other 220 stuff even Vladmir Putin, Rex Tillerson and so on...
Prince Charles=220
London England=220

I don't see where they have said they know who did it....but I'm guessing with the George Soros thing they are going to blame it on Conspiracy Theory.....Which would be funny considering how 8/6 or 6/8 was important to Alex Jones and Conspiracy Theory. 

This story comes on 10/24 that leaves 68 days in the year. 
Barack Obama=68
Donald John Trump=68
Prince Charles=68
Pope Francis=68

Also in regards to Time Warner....think about the At&t Time Warner Merger earlier this year. It was approved on the same day Trump visited with Kim Jong Un. Remember it was connected to JFK...think about Hillary Clinton...Trump released the JFK Files 10 days before 144 days after his bday...or 134...
Barack Hussein Obama II=134
Make America Great Again=134
King Charles III=134
Eighty Four=134
Bill Clinton's bday is August 19th leaving 134 days in the year. 

The day he released the files though was Hillary Clinton's bday. 
ATT made 9-1-1 the emergency dialing Code in the year 68'. 
WTC construction began on 6/8/68. 
George Bush bday was 68 days before 9/11. 

This story comes 134 days after the Time Warner Merger approved. 

It's funny too as the judge in the merger was  Richard LEON. The reason this sticks out to me because I just watched the movie "In Time" and the main Time Keeper was "Raymond LEON". I also documented about James Earl Jones and a big piece to him was the death of Vader aka "LEON white". 
Jack LEON Ruby...
LEON Czolgosz assassinated Mckinley. 
Obama said he was the Lion King....LEON means LION. 

In regards to the 10 days before stuff I never thought about it being the 114th World series and 10 days before Prince Charles bday is 11/4. 
Interesting that day is 168 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168With the end date it's also 144 days after Trump's bday...See my previous posts on 144 and the 10 days before stuff. 

I also have previously pointed out why November 4th 2019 is important to JFK/World War/Trump as well. It's 510 days after he met Kim Jong Un. 

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