Friday, October 26, 2018

Suzanne Somers has breast Cancer story after we just talked about her at Work-189-Steve Urkel

This is funny to me. Just 2 days ago at work we randomly talked about Suzanne Somers. The older ladies I work with were talking about "Three's Company", but I said I remember her mostly from "Step By Step"....they didn't know what show that was so I explained it was on TGIF and like a new aged Brady Bunch...Now I see this article about Suzanne Somers in the headlines with Breast Cancer? 
Think about how breast cancer awareness is all about "PINK" too. 

I remember thinking how odd it was we started talking about her too and figured it would eventually be significant. 

I never posted this blog post as I wanted to do some more research and I got sidetracked, but I started a post on 10/24. In the post I mentioned one of my old songs called "Music is a Marytr" and I went on to talk about how I have been seeing the number 189 a lot, but I haven't been documenting about it....
How funny that..
Suzanne Somers=189 also 72
Three's Company=189(reverse)

All I can think about is how John Ritter died on 9/11. He died of the same thing my best friends brother Kirk died of and for some reason John Ritter's death has always stuck out to me because of this. They both died in 2003 too and the show 8 Simple Rules was popular at the time. 
This makes me think of Penny on the Big Bang Theory as well. 

Notice Three's Company's final episode was on 18/9 as well. 

Somers is currrently 72 years old as well. 
Suzanne Somers=72(rev red)

I remember a few of the 189's now too. 
JFK died 189 days before his bday...
Dealey Plaza=189
Justin Timberlake=189

In regards to the show "Step By Step" it reminds me of Jason Marsden who is also the voice of Thackery Binx(The black cat) on Hocus Pocus that I recently documented about. 

Another thing that stands out to me in regards to Step By Step is a video I made in regards to Steve Urkel(Family Matters) and how he built a rocket pack and ended up Port Washington, Wisconsin...he was then on the Step by Step episode after that on TGIF. Also I talked about Urkel being on the Full House episode although I cannot find that video....It's somewhere in the mix....I'm just reminded of how I talked about the Full House episode called "Aftershocks" where Stephanie freaks out because of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake..
Family Matters=189

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