Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Cubs to play Rockies on 10/2-XXXtentacion-Marjory Stoneman Douglas-Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas being Brewers and former Royals

Cubs lost the division today to the Brewers and play the Rockies on 10/2 now in the Wildcard. 
The big number/date I have been talking about all year is interesting in connection to 10/2. 
Notice it's 3 months 8 days before...
Colorado the 38th state. 
On 6/24 the Rockies lost to the Marlins staying on 38 wins too. 

Kyle Freeland is starting for the Rockies tomorrow and he has some interesting numbers connected to the Cubs. 
Kyle Freeland=206(reverse)
Chicago Cubs=206(reverse)
His bday of 14/5 is important to the narrative as well. 
Chicago Illinois=145
Remember Marjory Stoneman Douglas also died on 14/5. 
He's # 21 and this comes 21 days before the World Series. 

His bday is 142 days(end date) before 10/2. 
Stoneman Douglas shooting on 14/2. 

Jon Lester is pitching for the Cubs tomorrow. Interesting he has the 1/7 bday. 17 the big number in connection to Stoneman Douglas and the tribute game against Miami. Think about how the Rockies lost to Miami on 6/24 too. 
Remember the tribute game with Miami was important to 13 and 17. The Cubs lost to the Brewers today 1-3 and 13 was a big number on the game. Will we see emphasis on 17 in the Rockies Game? 

If the Cubs do lose tomorrow it's interesting how it syncs up to 624 still. Also it's funny thinking about the Daniel Murphy trade in connection to the Curse of the Billy Goat...I still think Cubs will win tomorrow, but possibly that trade was telling of the Cubs being cursed. I was watching a game the other night too and a fan messed up Anthony Rizzo's foul ball catch and it reminded me of the Steve Bartman incident. 
Also in regards to Daniel Murphy I mentioned the connection to 2015 and the Kansas City Royals.....I had no idea until today that Lorenzo Cain and Mike Moustakas both play for the Brewers now. Both of them were Royals in 2015 when they won the World Series over the Mets. 
Moustakas being a major reason in why I knew numbers were important to sports scripting before I even knew Gematria was called Gematria. 

I didn't mention it on the blog but I had a suspicion we might see the Cubs play the Rockies too in regards to the Sinbad stuff. Sinbad going to College in Denver and Tim Allen being from Denver. Zachary Ty Bryan from Aurora, Co. 

Is it not interesting too that the Chicago Bears won by 38 points this week and tonight Denver lost to the Chiefs? 

Rockies lose they stay on 91 wins and if they win they get their 45th away win....both numbers synced up to the Cubs. 
Chicago Cubs=91
Wrigley=45=Miami=Illinois and so on...

It's also interesting they finally release an "ambush" video of XXXTentacion supposedly being murdered on 9/28. Remember he was all about the Stoneman Douglas Shooting and 17. 

They release this video 102 days after he died....
Interesting that this game will be on 10/2. 
Plus "Nigger"=102
9/11 lasted 102 minutes..."Al Qaeda"=102
I only mention this because there are a bunch of interrelated themes going on this year...Moustakas born on 9/11 too. Lester a former Red Sox. Red Sox beat Cubs on 9/11/1918 in the World Series when it was popular to stand during national anthem. 
Valentines day is 231 days(end date) before 10/2. 
National Anthem=231(reverse)


  1. 73 is 21st prime. Rockies can lose 73rd game with 21 on mound. Today is 10/2. Also rockies can lose 2190th game. 2+1+9=12.

  2. 21 is 8th fibonacci. 6th triangular. A lot like 68. Cubs can stay on 68l.