Monday, October 29, 2018

WWE Crown Jewel still happening in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd 2018

I somehow stumbled upon this information looking at Yahoo articles. 
The WWE is going back to Saudi Arabia on November 2nd 2018. 
Notice it will be 189 days after the Greatest Royal Rumble. 

Crown Jewels are often used for the coronation of a Monarch....

So we got the Royal the Crown Jewels...I just blogged about how it's connected to the Royal Family....
Notice this pay per view will be 6 months 12 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday....
Revelation 6:12 talks of the great Earthquake(Rumble). 

Thinking again about Pet Sematary....It's a novel by Stephen KING...Stephen means Crown. 

Remember all the controversy is because of the death of "Jamal Khashoggi"=612(satanic)

Daniel Bryan=51
Remember I made a video in 2014 or 2015 in regards to Daniel Bryan wanting to wrestle Jesus. Then he had a feud with Triple H(888) when he grew his beard out and looked like Jesus. 
So it was like Jesus vs Jesus. 

Also keep in mind that 1-1-2 is the emergency dialing code in most parts of the world. This pay per view comes on 11/2...
Turkey was the first to declare Isis as a terrorist group...then they had the attack on 1/12....think about Jamal Khashoggi dying in Turkey. 
Isis=218(eng ext)

They are also having Shawn Michaels come out of retirement for this and bringing back DX with Triple H. This also reminds me of "Chyna" and the death of Chyna Thomas that was all about "King" symbolism. DX also in the same Era that Stone Cold/Goldberg/The Rock were all really popular. 
Shawn Michaels also in the ROCKERS which were one of my favorite Tag Teams as a kid because of the drop kicks. 


  1. The 2018 Country Music Association has announced that the 52nd annual CMA Awards Live Stream. Country Music Association it's called CMA. annual music awards program on network broadcast here.

  2. Perfect day for an earthquake. Barbra Streisand = 585 Jewish and is releasing her album "Walls" on November 2nd, 2018 ten thousand 585 days after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Study of earthquakes began in 585BC search "seismology"

  3. that's 88 days after 8/6 to boot. Isis = 88 hebrew gematria

  4. It's 30/10 here (NZ) but 29/10 in the US and we had a strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake has struck central New Zealand. 3:13pm, initially reported as 6.7M. It struck at a depth of 193km about 35km south-west of Taumarunui.