Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rajon Rondo # 9 and Lebron # 23-Lakers first game against the Blazers and the Death of Paul Allen-Steve Ballmer

Something I never caught before in regards to the Lakers is that Rondo is # 9 and Lebron is # 23...once again the narrative with Lebron and 923. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish)

Also the Lakers starting their season off against the Portland Trailblazers who were owned by Paul Allen. 

There has to be a riddle with Steve Ballmer who was once the CEO of Microsoft and now the owner of the LOS ANGELES Clippers. I know a different LA team, but still connected to LA...
Plus the Red Sox(Boston)are on the World Series now with the possibility to play the Dodgers(LA)....Think about Rondo in regards to that. 
Steve Ballmer=44
Think about all the 44 with Paul Allen. 
Also thinking about Doc Rivers who coached Rondo with the Celtics. 

Remember too that 9/23 or 23/9 is important to the Kneeling during the National Anthem..Lebron called Trump a Bum on 9/23 the same day Trump called out the NFL. Now the Red Sox in the World Series...they are the team in which is got popular to stand during the National Anthem in Game 1 of the 1918 WS against the Cubs. 

What else is funny during this game they have been making it a point that Staustkas and Wagner are here and both Michigan players. 
Michigan Wolverines=206
Seattle the 206 area code. 

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